Current Students

Current Students

For current students in the Discover Program, learn more about registering for classes, declaring a major and resources available.

Registration Process

  • Go to myMack and look for any Holds on your account. These Holds must be cleared before you register.
  • Look up courses that you would like to take the next semester. Tips – Looking Up Courses
  • Meet with your Discover Advisor to discuss the courses you are interested in taking.
  • Check your email the week before the date your class (Freshmen or Sophomores) registers for your specific registration time.
  • On the day of your registration, check to see if the courses you selected are still open. If not, be sure to have back up courses.
  • Log into myMack about a minute before your registration time. At the exact time of registration, begin to add courses to your next semester schedule (be sure to pick the correct term you are registering for). How to Add Courses – Instructions

Ready to Declare Your Major?

You must declare your major by the end of your Sophomore year. Now that you have explored different major options, it is time to complete the online Change of Major Form. Complete and submit this form to successfully change your major.

Once you change your major, you will be assigned a new advisor within that major. You can find your new advisor’s name in your MyMack. If you are unsure where to locate where your new advisor is on campus, use the College’s Search By Department drop-down menu to find your advisor’s information.

“I came into college with almost no idea of what I wanted, and my advisor helped me every step of the way! She supported me when I declared and then helped me again when I decided to change majors. Now I am finally declared in a major I enjoy and I would not be where I am today without her help!”