Student and Alumni Profiles

Environmental Sciences & Sustainability Student and Alumni Spotlights

Discover how Merrimack College’s curriculum has given some of our students and alumni the abilities they require for careers in environmental sciences.

Environmental Sciences & Sustainability Student Profiles

Environmental Science & Biology Major

I chose to attend Merrimack College because of the community feel of the campus. From the moment I stepped on campus, I felt welcomed and excited to spend my next 4 years here.”

Environmental Sciences & Sustainability Alumni Profiles

Environmental Science Major, Class of 2005
Co-Founder and Executive Director
Change is Simple

“The way we teach excites and empowers kids to make a difference in their own world—at school, at home and in their community. I knew the importance of inspiring the next generation to be aware and act as stewards.”

Environmental Science & Music Major, Class of 2019
Technical Sustainability Analyst

The size of Merrimack was perfect for individualized attention and flexibility in my academic experience, and despite being so far away from my home state of Minnesota, I felt comfortable in the community from the start.”