M.A. in Communication Capstones

M.A in Communication Capstones

Merrimack’s masters in communication capstone projects are a culminating experience in our students’ communication graduate education. 


What are Capstone Projects?

Capstone projects offer our M.A. in communication students the opportunity to produce a substantive research or creative project related to their career goals. They receive support from a faculty member with shared expertise and publicly present their work at the end of the semester.

Communication Capstone Projects

See a sample of some of our past graduate communication capstone projects. 

Joe LeBlanc

Joe LeBlanc: "Side-Line Chats" Podcast

The “Side-Line Chats” podcast series interviews women athletes, coaches and sports media workers about the inequitable treatment of women in athletics.

This episode’s interview is with Autumn Truesdale, former Division I basketball player and member of Merrimack’s Athletic Diversity Committee.

Colleen Mearon: TikTok Website

TikTokCollege.org is designed to teach others how to strategically market their business on TikTok.

The website includes TikTok tips, statistics and facts about the TikTok community, info on algorithms, and updates on the ever-changing media landscape .

Max Newton

Max Newton: "Coaches" Podcast

The “Coaches” podcast series includes interviews with Merrimack head coaches about their coaching philosophies and leadership styles.

This episode’s interview is with Kelly Morrone, Merrimack College Women’s Basketball Head Coach.

Nicholas Paolino

Nicholas Paolino: "For the Love of Cars" Documentary

“For the Love of Cars” is a short documentary highlighting car culture written, directed, produced and filmed by Nicholas. 

The documentary includes interviews with Valvetronic Design’s head of marketing, an engine builder for Eb3 Motor Sports, the owner of Apollo Kustoms, and a car collector and enthusiast.