Student and Alumni Profiles

History Student and Alumni Spotlights

Discover how Merrimack College’s curriculum has given some of our students and alumni the abilities they require for careers in history.

History Student Profiles

History & Secondary Education, Class of 2025

I chose to attend Merrimack for the attentive campus community. I transferred to Merrimack from a large city school and the close-knit campus was what drew me to Merrimack.”

History Alumni Profiles

History & Secondary Education, Class of 2023
Instructional Assistant
Lexington High School

“When I was looking at colleges to attend, Merrimack stood out to me as a school with a strong community. It was clear to me as I was touring that Merrimack was committed to the success of their students, and wanted to see every single one of them graduate and learn something along the way.”

History & Secondary Education, Class of 2023
ESL Fellow
Beverly Public Schools

I wanted to attend Merrimack because they have the best resources and staff that get you ready and knowledgeable for the workforce.”