Mathematics Faculty Research

Mathematics Faculty Research

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Dr. Laura Hall-Seelig

The Ihara function, A(q), is an asymptotic measure comparing the number of rational places of a global function field with its genus. In this paper, we improve the best known lower bounds for A(7) and A(11) and match the best known lower bound for A(13).

Dr. Julia St. Goar

Undergraduate mathematics instructors are called by many current standards to promote prospective teachers’ learning of geometry from a transformation perspective, marking a change from previous standards. The novelty of this situation means it is unclear what is involved in undergraduate learning and teaching of geometry from a transformation perspective. To approach this problem, we illustrate how specific in-class activities and design principles might help prospective teachers make conceptual links between congruence proofs and a transformation approach to geometry. Additionally, to illustrate these activities for instructors, we provide examples of prospective teachers’ work on some of these problems.