Major in Psychology

As a psychology major, you’ll investigate human behavior, including what drives our actions.

Through Merrimack’s intensive curriculum, you’ll develop a comprehensive understanding of developmental processes, personality, social factors, psychological disorders and therapy.

In the psychology program, you will:

  • Explore the biological foundations of behavior and experience
    • How people learn and develop.
    • How individuals perceive the world.
    • What prompts people to act the way that they do.
  • Discover what is considered normal behavior, what is not and evaluate therapeutic approaches for behavior outside the norm.
  • Analyze psychological data, with an emphasis on the logic, use and interpretation of inferential statistics.
  • Hone your analytic reading, theoretical analysis and critical-thinking skills.
  • Improve your statistical and methodological skills through hands-on research and laboratory experience.

Interested in learning more about the brain and nervous system? Merrimack recently launched the neuroscience major – an interdisciplinary field that combines theories and learning in psychology, biology and chemistry. The world of neuroscience crosses many industries, from understanding mental health issues, to studying psychopharmacology and pharmaceutical science.

Hands-On Learning

In our new, state-of-the-art space, you’ll take part in dynamic coursework and relevant research activities. Recent student research includes:

  • Neurophysiological recordings to study brain activity and sleep physiology.
  • Eye-tracking methodologies related to visual cognition and attention.
  • Aspects of the adult learning process.
  • Motivation and bias in a variety of contexts.

100% of psychology majors participate in at least one internship, co-op, fieldwork or practicum, featuring opportunities in trauma-focused interventions in youth and adult populations.

Career Options

Upon successful completion of our program, you’ll be well-equipped to pursue graduate study or a career in psychology and related disciplines. Positions may include business manager, counselor, human resources director, psychologist, rehabilitation specialist and marketing manager.

Graduates hold positions such as:

  • Postdoctoral researcher, Boston Children’s Hospital
  • Client services specialist, Harvard Business Publishing
  • Social worker, Brookhaven Hospice
  • Fulbright scholar, Nepal

Courses You’ll Take

Psychology Major Curriculum

Psychology Major Requirements

General Education Requirements

In addition to the major requirements below, you will also need to complete Merrimack’s general education requirements.

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Sample Curriculum Guide

Wondering when you’ll take certain courses? Use the Curriculum Guide—a sample four-year schedule—to get a sense of what your path to graduation looks like.