Psychology Student and Alumni Profiles

Psychology Student and Alumni Spotlights

Meet some of our psychology majors and graduates, and discover how Merrimack College’s psychology program gave them the training necessary for a profession in psychology.

Psychology Student Profiles

Psychology, Class of 2025

“Merrimack was the one school that fulfilled all my checkboxes for what I was looking for in a college.”

Psychology & Criminology, Class of 2024
St. Ann's Home

My internship was a great first step into the field and prepared me for what I may experience in the future as I move forward with my career.”

Psychology, Class of 2024
CREST Collaborative

My education prepared me for the internship by allowing me to be able to think on my feet.”

Psychology Alumni Profiles

Psychometric Technician
Wentworth-Douglass Hospital

“Merrimack offers a tight-knit community where you will always see someone you know, and there’s so many more people to meet.”

Psychology Major
Graduate Resident Director
Merrimack College

I chose to come to Merrimack for my undergraduate career because it was the only school that fostered each and every students individual definition of success.”

Psychology & Theatre
Outpatient Registered Drama Therapist
The Brien Center

“I discovered that amidst the negatives in our world, there will always be individuals willing to extend a helping hand, and I aspire to be one of them.”

Psychology, Class of 2017
Daversa Partners
Associate Director

I chose Merrimack because when I came for a college visit, I fell in love with the campus. Not only was it beautiful, but I also felt a strong sense of community.”

Psychology & Criminal Justice
Psy.D Student
William St. James College

“When I went to campus for my first tour, I felt welcomed and felt that I was going to be supported throughout my time here (and I was!)”