Why Study Economics?

Economics is a social science that helps explain the mysteries of how people and society operate.

It helps you to make sense of news stories, financial choices and worldviews while also preparing you for a range of careers.

In this program, you will learn a variety of study methods, problem-solving techniques and perspectives to better understand the worldviews of others and become a life-long learner. You’ll also learn the importance of history, shared experiences and the personal and social conflicts that affect social change. 

9-28-22 Student working in class on iPad.

Why Merrimack?

  • Majors in economics, economics/finance or mathematics-economics give you the flexibility to study what interests you most.
  • Our innovative curriculum presents many economic theories and worldviews, giving you exposure to a broad spectrum of economic thinking. 
  • Internships and directed studies provide valuable field experience before you graduate.