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Learn more about business-related clubs and organizations, professional organizations and more available to Merrimack College students.

Lucey Center for Business Advising

Provides an engaging atmosphere that cultivates students’ individual, professional and academic goals by thoughtfully integrating intellectual and professional development in one centralized location.

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GSB Clubs and Organizations

Accounting Club

Provides students with opportunities to meet other individuals studying or working in the field of accounting and develop relationships with accounting faculty, alumni and fellow students. Members of the club learn about the recruiting process, interviewing skills and career opportunities in the accounting and professional services industry.

Faculty Advisor: Daniel “Buks” Moolman and Alison Sawyer
Student Co-Presidents: Ella Cormier & Tim O’Leary

American Marketing Association

A professional student organization dedicated to furthering the professional development of students through leadership, training, and involvement in the field of Marketing.

Faculty Advisor: Maria Sannella
Student President: Evan Evangelos

Blockchain and Crypto Organization

The Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Organization aims to provide students with more knowledge on blockchain technology and how cryptocurrencies can be implemented in businesses, projects, and events. We as a group look to focus on the potential job opportunities that will be presented in the new and developing industry.

Faculty Advisor: Mary Papazian
Student President: Azariah Ehtesham



DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America) is an association of marketing students that encourages the development of business and leadership skills through academic conferences and competitions.

Faculty Advisor: Kenneth Rhee
Student President: 

Entrepreneurship Club

The Entrepreneurship Club is comprised of students from GSB, Engineering, SAS and Health Sciences who want to develop their busiess ideas into real ventures. The Club provides support to student entrepreneurs with facilities (Mac Design Studio, 3D Printing and Prototyping) in the Entrepreneurship Lab as well as coaching from students with expertise in creative design, computer science, engineering and business. The Club also sponsors Tech Treks to local entrepreneurs and holds a Shark Tank competition in the Spring for real investment dollars.

Faculty Advisor: Dave Brown
Student President: 


Hospitality & Tourism Club

The Hospitality and Tourism Club facilitates first-hand, educational experiences within the hospitality industry’s number of sectors: Tourism, Lodging, Hotel, Restaurant, and Recreation. Through educational experiences, guest speakers of the industry, and student led workshops, members gain insight to better navigate their possible career in the Hospitality industry.
Faculty Advisor: Jill Guindon-Nasir
Student President: Christopher Zullo

Investment Club

Aims to further the knowledge of individuals interested in investment methods and theories beyond the classroom. Through the use of various outside sources and stock simulation programs, members are introduced to advanced investment ideas, tactics and topics that are consistent in a business environment. Open to all students in the Girard School of Business who have an interest in furthering their knowledge of finance.

Faculty Advisor: Mary Papazian

Student Co-Presidents: Shane Cameron & Sean Foster

Merrimack Alternative Fund

A student managed fund that allows students the opportunity to learn about and invest in alternative assets such as foreign currencies, commodities, options and digital assets as well as blockchain technology.

Faculty Advisor: Mary Papazian                   
Student Presidents:
Jack Bondhus


Merrimack Financial Group

Works to bridge the gap between student and professional, supporting group members while they develop their foundation for a career in the financial industry.

Faculty Advisor: Mary Papazian
Student President: Aja Alimonte

Merrimack Investment Fund

A student-managed investment fund with the goal of providing long-term capital appreciation while giving students the opportunity for hands-on investing while managing an equity portfolio.

Faculty Advisor: Mary Papazian                   
Student Co-Presidents:
Meghan Clifford & Cameron Strong

Sport Management Club

For students who want to learn more about and be part of the sports industry. Students involved will have the opportunity to network with fellow students and prepare them for a career in the sports industry.

Faculty Advisor: Aaron Mansfield
Student President: Tyler Tarpy

Women in Business

The Women in Business Club, open to all students across the college, has a mission to promote and empower females to understand their worth in both a professional and nonprofessional settings as well as provide resources for future growth in the workforce.

Faculty Advisor: Jane Parent & Jill Guindon-Nasir
Student President: Corinn Flanagan