Computer Science Student Projects

Student Projects

Computer science majors are encouraged to engage with faculty on research and software project development, in addition to taking part in a semester-long team-based professional development cycle during their senior capstone. 

Computer Science Student Projects

See a selection of projects our computer science majors have developed in recent years.

Rove - Photography Exploration App for iOS

ROVE is a photo location sharing and tagging app for iOS devices that allows users to upload geotagged photos, tag them with keywords and search for prime photography spots.

Automated Lyric Analysis

Did musical lyrics get less sophisticated over time? This project used computational tools to analyze the lyrical sophistication of the Billboard top 100 from 1959 – 2016.

Electronic Voting

This project investigated the cryptographic techniques necessary to run a secure electronic election (homomorphic encryption, mix-nets, zero-knowledge proofs, etc.).

Encrypted Image Tool

An investigation of searchable encryption techniques that culminated in an online secure image cloud application that simulated the security of images stored on your own computer.

Automated Vehicle A.I.

In conjunction with faculty member Dr. SeungJin Lim, three students built the brain of an automated car. The car uses machine learning and data mining techniques.

D&D Roleplaying Group/Campaign Manager

Student built a website that acts as a group manager for tabletop role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons.

First Person Survival Game

This is a fully-fledged prototype of a first-person survival game. The game was built in the Unity game engine, and art assets were either purchased from the store or built and imported.

Squares Card Game

The game is a two-player tactical battle video game that includes card deck-building mechanics (like Hearthstone or Magic: The Gathering) and original art and concepts.

CERL Website

A website designed for Dr. Sadegh Asgary’s Civil Engineering Research Lab (CERL). The website was developed with modern, sleek design principles and deep back-end functionality.

Attendance Taker via Facial Recognition

An Android app that allows teachers to take attendance in an automated fashion by utilizing built-in Android APIs for facial recognition and computer vision.

Square Swords 3D Fighting Game

This project is a 3D fighting game in which characters are made of small blocks called voxels. Characters are also attached to their weapons, which move independently of the characters themselves.


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