Health Sciences Fellowships

Highly competitive, the Health Sciences Fellowships link graduate study with an on-site practicum experience, building and enhancing your professional skills.


As a fellow, you’ll graduate in one year with a Master of Science degree and gain unparalleled professional experience. Your fellowship offers a tuition scholarship of at least a 30 to 50 percent savings. Fellows complete 32 credits and may start in spring or fall.

You will work at your placement site and take a full schedule of graduate courses. You’ll have experienced supervisors to support your learning and strengthen your impact in your position. You will also enjoy professional networking opportunities aimed at creating a community of individuals who are all committed to a common goal: fostering a healthier future for adults, children and communities.

Fellowships are offered in three M.S. programs:

Community Health Education

This fellowship can provide you with a direct path from the classroom to a fulfilling career as a public health specialist, health educator, community health education director, healthcare administrator or health coach.

This fellowship leads to a Master of Science in Community Health Education. Working side-by-side with skilled professionals, you’ll develop leadership skills, organizational skills and the knowledge to identify and solve community healthcare challenges. The program prepares students to identify community needs, and then to plan, implement, monitor and evaluate programs designed to encourage healthy lifestyles.

Exercise and Sport Science

Dedicated to advancing human performance, exercise, and health, this fellowship will prepare you to pursue careers as exercise physiologists, health fitness managers, strength and conditioning coaches, or fitness specialists.

This fellowship leads to a Master of Science in Exercise and Sport Science. The interdisciplinary curriculum focuses on both science and business and provides you with a holistic view of the exercise and sport science industry. By studying current health issues, fiscal responsibility and management, you’ll emerge well prepared to promote healthier lifestyles in the communities where you live and work.

Health and Wellness Management

One of the only graduate programs in the United States to integrate wellness and business, Merrimack’s Master of Science in Health and Wellness Management prepares you to be a leader in the rapidly growing wellness industry.

This fellowship leads to a Master of Science in Health and Wellness Management. It provides experiences leading to positions such as wellness directors, employee health directors, public health specialists, health communications directors, and many others including those in business or corporations that have health products and services. You’ll acquire strategies for promoting healthier lives, preventing illness and injury, and reducing the risk of chronic disease.

Each of these fellowships seeks to enrich your professional qualifications and help advance your career goals through valuable hands-on experience.

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