Graduate Fellowships in Exercise and Sport Science

Graduate fellowships for the M.S. in Exercise and Sport Science program are highly sought-after opportunities that provide you with hands-on learning and reduced tuition costs.

Fellowship Types

The Master of Science in Exercise and Sport Science fellowship offers a wide range of graduate fellowship opportunities, including external and internal (on-campus) positions of the following types:

  • Presidential Fellowships provide 100% of your graduate tuition and include a 9-month, unpaid fellowship placement of 25 hours per week.
  • Provost Fellowships provide 50% of your graduate tuition and include a 9-month, unpaid fellowship placement of 15 hours per week.

Featured Fellowship Opportunities

Please note: This list does not include all of our M.S. in Exercise and Sport Science fellowships. Apply to discover additional opportunities!

Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning Coach (Provost)

Job Description

The Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning fellowship position is a hands-on, learn-by-doing based program in which you will be coaching athletes of varying ages, as well as adult/general fitness clientele of various levels of fitness. Our comprehensive curriculum includes weekly staff meetings (Fall, Winter, Spring only) and education sessions to enhance your overall learning experience. Our goal for you is to develop a deep understanding of the why’s of our programming and coaching methodology in addition to acquiring valuable knowledge from all aspects of the strength and conditioning field. Most importantly, this experience will set you up to be a successful coach and able to train any population you encounter.

Position Responsibilities

  • Teaching and coaching young athletes, primarily middle school and high
    school students.
  • Teaching and coaching heavy implement power work, including Olympic lifting.
  • Teaching and coaching strength exercises.
  • Running conditioning and overall energy system development.
  • Daily gym set up and breakdown, including cleaning and general housekeeping tasks.
  • Interacting with staff, athletes and clients.
  • Be a positive role model and leader for young athletes and clients.
  • Attendance at weekly education events.

Harvard Strength & Conditioning Coach (Provost)

Job Description

The Harvard Strength & Conditioning Fellowship position offers Division I experience with 42 varsity sports (most in the country) and training in an educational environment. You will have a chance to learn how to write programs, get hands-on coaching experience, work with a variety of teams, take part in weekly intern meetings and be part of passionate and knowledgeable strength and conditioning staff. This experience will help you to become a successful strength and conditioning coach. This internship is CSCCa mentorship-approved and will help you prepare for the SCCC exam. There is also potential for future recommendations or opportunities in the field of strength and conditioning.

Position Responsibilities

  • Assist with running warmups of the various teams.
  • Assist with the on-floor coaching of the student-athletes.
  • Assist with the setup and clean-up of the facility.
  • Weekly program writing assignments.
  • Taking part in a weekly staff meeting.

Spaulding Adaptive Sports Center Fellow (Provost)

Job Description

Spaulding Adaptive Sports Centers “SASC” is part of the Spaulding Rehabilitation/Mass General Brigham Network. With clinicians and adaptive sports specialists, “SASC” provides year-round recreation programs to individuals with any (physical, intellectual, mental health) disability. Many are inpatients at Spaulding Hospital, where adaptive sports and recreation help their rehabilitation and continue when they go home; however, any community member with any impairment is welcome to participate. We encourage each client to try new activities and return to sports they enjoyed before their illness or injury. Participation empowers clients and benefits all areas of wellness to improve their quality of life. We help clients overcome barriers, and then set and reach goals as they “find their strength”.

Position Responsibilities

  • Daily adaptive sports program implementation with clients of all ages and with a wide variety of disabilities.
  • Equipment set up with adaptations for each client; maintenance & inventory between seasons.
  • Helping transfer clients into adaptive equipment, and problem-solving adaptations with team.
  • Documentation of daily sessions for each client.
  • Contributing to program development and daily details under the guidance of full-time experienced staff.
  • Inter-disciplinary collaboration within Spaulding (providing exposure to the fields of Recreation Therapy, Physical and Occupational therapy).
  • Occasional involvement with community outreach with other regional adaptive sports organizations.

U.S. Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine Research Fellow (Provost)

Job Description

The US Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine (USARIEM) is an internationally recognized military laboratory located in Natick, Massachusetts with the overreaching research goal of maximizing and optimizing Warfighter health and performance. USARIEM’s research is divided into three divisions: Military Performance, Military Nutrition, and Thermal and Mountain Medicine. Graduate fellows will participate in ongoing and upcoming research studies regarding wearable technology-based physical performance limits, female Warfighter thermophysiology, and Arctic Warfighter performance optimization. These studies seek to characterize the physiological responses of Warfighters to combined thermal and metabolic strain as well as develop new methods for predicting energy expenditure and fatigue in active military personnel. The participant will gain knowledge, skills and abilities related to exercise laboratory procedures as well as data collection, entry, organization and analysis. In addition, the participant will gain valuable educational experience by learning about human research policies and procedures, scientific literature searches, as well as technical report preparation.

Position Responsibilities

  • Learn and perform institute standard operating procedures (SOPs) for proper equipment set-up and maintenance following training with credentialed USARIEM researchers.
  • Complete Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) training.
  • Obtain Human Research Procedures Credentials for:
    • Cardiorespiratory exercise testing
    • Voluntary muscle performance testing
    • Dual energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA)
    • Telemetric temperature sensor
  • Obtain all human resources, information technology, and security training certificates required of USARIEM volunteers.
  • Perform and assist laboratory benchtop work.
  • Assist in writing and editing of research reports.
  • Conduct searches of scientific literature.
  • Collect, analyze, and chart research data.
  • Support the overall vision of the Military Performance Division.

Merrimack College Strength and Conditioning (Presidential)

Job Description

Expectations are 25 hours per week. Each candidate will be assigned a minimum of 2 varsity sports and will assist with other teams and coaches on a need basis. Further, each candidate will provide design, implementation and correction for all assigned duties. We will work with our students to ensure their coaching and academic schedules are not conflicting. Merrimack College is a Division 1 institution as a member of the Northeast Conference (NEC) and participates in Hockey East (HEA) and America East (AE).

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Position Responsibilities

  • Be capable of fulfilling all required duties of Graduate Fellow Strength and Conditioning Coach.
  • Assist in all training and preparation for all of the varsity intercollegiate sports.
  • Regularly and actively participate in weekly administrative and professional development staff meetings.
  • Assist in the supervision of Interns in Strength and Conditioning.
  • Have a working knowledge and adherence to all NCAA, NEC and Hockey East rules and regulations.
  • Understand the institutional and departmental mission and goals and ensure support.
  • Develop strong working relationships with administrative, coaching and support staff within Athletic Department.
  • Develop year-round sport-specific training programs for assigned teams.
  • Report any information to the Associate Athletic Director for Student-Athlete Welfare that may be in question.
  • Achieve and maintain CPR/ First Aide certification.
  • Achieve or be working towards, and maintain pertinent certification to the Strength and Conditioning field (CSCS, CSCCa)
  • Accept responsibility for all equipment and appearance of the Strength and Conditioning facility.
  • Accept responsibility for the well-being of all student-athletes utilizing the services of the Strength and Conditioning department.
  • Continually participate in professional development in order to stay current with any new information that may benefit the program and student-athletes.
  • Be visible at athletic competitions and support the student-athletes
  • Meet regularly with the Director of Strength and Conditioning and follow up on any duties that may be assigned.
  • Communicate regularly and effectively with Head sport coaches and staff regarding any and all pertinent information.
  • Maintain a level of professionalism in and around the Merrimack Campus community and around student and student-athletes.
  • Build relationships with the Merrimack Community.

Athletic Evolution Strength & Conditioning Coach (Provost)

Job Description

Athletic Evolution is a 6,000-square-foot facility with a specialty in athletic performance for youth, middle school, high school, college, NFL combine candidates and professional athletes. AE is also home to AE Physical Therapy with three Physical Therapists and one Physical Therapy Assistant, working with youth, adult and athletic populations. AE hosts three major programs throughout the year including our Athletic Development Program, Elite Semi-Private Training and Team Training. Our Elite Semi-Private Training program is our individualized training for all athletes based on an evaluation process. Athletic Development is an introductory to a structured Strength and Conditioning program. Our Team Training program provides a group atmosphere with a set program based on sport and age with teams in the North Shore area. Fellows will work with all coaches in each program at both our facility in Wilmington, Massachusetts, and our off-site locations. Fellows will have the opportunity to assist and lead individual and group athletes.

Position Responsibilities

  • Train within all athlete programs based on comprehension of the programs after fulfilling a weeklong training.
  • During this training, fellows will learn our exercises, progressions, regressions, modifications, coaching cues and how to demonstrate these exercises. They will also learn the facility’s protocols and daily operations.
  • Coach, interact, evaluate, and program for all teams and athletes.
  • Assist head coaches in NFL combine training starting in the winter.
  • Participate in continuing education assignments and weekly meetings/discussions. These will include programming projects, book requirements and discussions on current information in the field of strength and conditioning, professional advancement and personal development.
  • Complete mock interviews, resumes and cover letters.

HAUS Sports Performance Coach (Provost)

Job Description

Haus of Athletes, is a state-of-the-art Strength and Conditioning facility that serves over 2,500 athletes annually. Haus of Athletes Strength and Conditioning Fellowships are designed for students who are interested in working with primarily youth and high school athletes. Haus of Athletes Fellows will work hands-on alongside experienced, certified professional strength and conditioning coaches and will receive guidance from the Internship Manager, Jacob Alben, on best practices, strategies and methods. Fellows will complete an initial training program in which they will learn the Haus of Athletes culture, training system, practice coaching movements and learn the logistics of facilitating strength and conditioning training sessions. Upon completion of training, Fellows will be integrated into various Haus of Athletes programs that include the Junior Development System (JDS), Athletic Development System (ADS), High School Team Strength and Conditioning, and our Football, Basketball, and Lacrosse Academies. As each Fellow progresses in learning our system, responsibilities during sessions will increase, all the way to taking lead with certain groups. Throughout the Fellowship, Haus of Athletes Fellows will experience educational workshops to accompany and enrich their learning.

Position Responsibilities

  • Assist with and lead strength and conditioning programs.
  • Exercise prescription for youth and high school athletes.
  • Instruction of mobility, flexibility, dynamic warm-up, cool-down, and recovery portions of athlete training programs.
  • Implementation of speed, agility and conditioning drills.
  • Facilitation of power and resistance exercise techniques.
  • Identification and correction of athlete movement faults.
  • Gain knowledge and experience working as a strength and conditioning coach. • Attendance of educational workshops.
  • Adherence to daily schedule and training schedule responsibilities
  • Prepare and maintain the facility, cleanliness, and organizational standards.

Club Sports Graduate Fellow (Provost)

Job Description

The graduate fellow in the Office of Campus Fitness and Recreation will be primarily responsible for the oversight, administration and management of the Club Sports program, which includes 22 programs and over 500 student-athletes. More specifically, the candidate will assist with budgeting, operations, student engagement and marketing. The candidate will work collaboratively with athletic administrative staff to focus on retention efforts and improving the overall club sports experience through increased programming, improved organization and collaboration and enhanced publicity. This position has responsibilities related to student leader and student staff development, risk management, financial oversight, travel and program development and assessment.

Position Responsibilities

  • Work with club sport captains and coaches to develop team and department policies on budgeting, operations and travel.
  • Review and approve club sport apparel requests, working with the athletic communications staff to ensure licensing and compliance with College guidelines.
  • Assist with the management of the club sport budget; process payments for club sport organizations, with the assistance of the Manager of Athletic Administrative Services and advise club treasurers on financial policies and help facilitate purchases for club sport organizations as needed.
  • Inventory club sport equipment and uniforms.
  • Organize special events throughout the year to engage club sport members and promote club involvement such as participation in welcome week events, showcase or appreciate nights and end-of-semester/year recognition events.
  • Assist with the development and facilitation of officer training sessions held at the beginning of each semester and as needed.
  • In collaboration with the athletic communications team, advance publicity efforts of all club sport programs by creating and regularly updating a club sport website, maintaining and promoting social media efforts, and publicizing student efforts and accolades throughout campus.
  • Assist with club sport recruiting efforts at Admission Open Houses and Accepted Student Days.
  • Serve as a mentor to club sport captains, providing guidance on budgeting, marketing and leadership.
  • Maintain and update the club sport manual.
  • Meet with club officers and members as needed to discuss progress, issues/challenges, and disciplinary matters.
  • Monitor participation agreements/informed consents for all club sport participants; provide rosters to club officers and student staff for roster verifications.
  • Assist with the approval of all club spot travel; review Travel Requests and Itineraries, meet with club officers to discuss logistics when necessary, and assist with travel arrangements (e.g. hotel payments, rental vehicles, flights, etc.).
  • Ensure each club is compliant with college and club sports policies.
  • Ensure students and or coaches certifications are up-to-date in First Aid & CPR/AED if necessary.
  • Position involves working some evenings and weekends.

University of New Hampshire Strength & Conditioning Coach (Provost)

Job Description

Graduate Fellow Strength and Conditioning Coaches will have the opportunity to gain hands-on coaching experience in a Division I setting working with all teams including but not limited to Football, Men’s and Women’s Basketball, Men’s and Women’s Ice Hockey, and other Olympic sports when scheduled as well as have to opportunity to design and implement training programs for (1) one sport under the direction a Strength and Conditioning Coach on staff. Fellows will assist with all other daily logistical tasks in the varsity weight room. Fellows will participate in, and complete continuing education material given by the Internship Director and other strength coaches on staff that co-inside with their current course curriculum at Merrimack College. Candidates that excel within the internship program will also have the opportunity earn the accredited internship hours needed for the SCCC certification through the CSCCa as deemed by the Director of Strength and Conditioning Paul Chapman.

Position Responsibilities

  • Design and implement all training aspects for (1) one varsity sport.
  • Assist in the implementation of training programs and working on the floor with Football, Men’s & Women’s Basketball, and Men’s & Women’s Ice Hockey
  • Assist in the implementation of training programs for all other Varsity Olympic sports based on schedule.
  • Meet with sport coaches under the supervision of assistant strength and conditioning coaches to plan schedules and lift/S.A.Q times for team they are programming for.
  • Meet with athletic training staff to go over return to play protocols for a case-by-case individualized basis for team they are programming for under the supervision of assistant strength and conditioning coach.
  • Devise new and innovative ideas to make the program different and successful.
  • Attend weekly staff meetings scheduled by Fellowship Coordinator
  • Help in sports science and data collection for teams.
  • Help maintain and clean weight room and equipment.
  • Participate in all other activities when possible, deemed necessary by staff.

Town of Andover Fitness & Wellness Fellow (Provost)

Job Description

The Fellowship Position will be the focal point of the Fitness Room and Wellness programming. The Fellow will interact with the participants including teaching group lessons, working one-on-one with individuals, assisting in exercise testing, etc. The Fellow will help plan and put into action wellness related activities and services and prepare program plans and function as a leader in carrying out various types of programs. The Fellow will have opportunities to gain theoretical and practical experience in working with seniors in developing wellness programs. Other areas of review will be long range planning, security, equipment maintenance, etc.

Position Responsibilities

  • Development and implementation of fitness and wellness programming.
  • Conduct gym orientations and fitness programming in a fully ADA-accessible gym.
  • Assess the mobility of seniors and assist in developing an exercise regime working with physical therapy and doctors recommendations.
  • Work with the Assistant Director in marketing wellness programs.
  • Oversee safety and maintenance of gym equipment.

MaxWay Performance Fellow (Provost)

Job Description

MaxWay Performance is a functional fitness and sports performance facility on the seacoast of New Hampshire that trains athletes and adults of all ages. MaxWay will be able to provide a unique experience for Fellowship applicants because we will be able to place the Fellow in both public sector and private sector strength and conditioning. They will be able to run a strength and conditioning program, conduct any research required for their academics, and explore the ins and outs of the strength and conditioning field. The Fellows would be able to spend time training with public and private schools athletic teams and students at one of our contracted schools or club teams; but also learn and experience private section S&C by training within our brick and mortar facility where we train middle school, high school & college athletes, while also adults and seniors in a small group personal training setting. Fellows that are chosen for our MaxWay fellowship will be provided with a monthly gas stipend and the opportunity to take the Certified Functional Strength Coach Online Level 1 exam to earn their certification. MaxWay will pay for the CFSC online level 1 for Fellows.

Position Responsibilities

  • Running and implementing strength and conditioning of athlete groups in facility, on field, or at respective schools as the primary coach with support and guidance from the Fellowship Coordinator.
  • Assist with conditioning of adult groups at MaxWay’s facility as the primary coach with support and guidance from the Fellowship Coordinator.
  • Participate in weekly education provided by MaxWay staff.
  • Participate and collaborate during coach education and professional development.
  • Set Fellowship goals and expectations for the 9-month period of Fellowship.

UMASS Lowell Sports Performance Fellow (Provost)

Job Description

Graduate Fellows at UMASS Lowell Sports Performance will have the opportunity to aid in the athletic development of over 400 Division 1 student-athletes. Individuals will gain the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue a career in the field of strength and conditioning at any level. Along with training athletes in the weight room, our Sports Performance Graduate Fellows will gain the necessary understanding to design speed, agility and conditioning sessions. Additionally Graduate Fellows will have the opportunity to manage game day responsibilities and have the opportunity to travel with athletic programs. These individuals will also aid in the daily operations of our Athletic Refueling Station.

Position Responsibilities

  • Design and implement training programs for designated athletic program under the supervision of a member of our Sports Performance Staff.
  • Assist the Sports Performance staff with the day-to-day operations of the weight room.
  • Aid in the supervision and execution of the training programs for our Division 1 Athletic programs.
  • Assist in the daily operations of our Athletic Refueling Station.

Boston College Strength & Conditioning Coach (Provost)

Job Description

Graduate Fellowships within the Strength and Conditioning department are available through a master’s program at Merrimack College. Each successful candidate will be assigned 2-3 varsity athletic teams to design and implement year-round strength and conditioning programs. There will be direct mentoring from the Director and Assistant S&C coach via daily and weekly staff meetings and performance reviews that will cover an extensive education curriculum and professional development activities. The expected outcome of this assignment is that each candidate gains the necessary competencies and becomes prepared to excel as a successful Strength and Conditioning coach.

Position Responsibilities

  • It will be the responsibility of each successful candidate to create a comprehensive physical preparation program for multiple varsity sport teams.
  • Attend all staff meetings.
  • Complete educational requirements.
  • Participate in professional development activities.
  • Schedules will be individualized based on class schedules and coaching assignments.

Tufts University Strength & Conditioning Coach (Provost)

Job Description

For some background on your potential experience, last year we were 2nd in the Directors Cup, and the year before we won it. This means we were the #2 athletic program in all of DIII in 2022-2023. We have had 11 team National Champions and over 50 individual National Champions since our strength staff came together.

In the last four years, we have placed 3 of our fellows into full-time collegiate strength coach positions during their fellowship. After completing their fellowship at Tufts, we have helped place another 6 of our fellows into collegiate strength coach positions. We have created a mentoring program where you will have the opportunity to lead teams and write their programs as soon as you get to campus. We also have opportunities for you to make good money while you are on campus by taking on personal training, open varsity weight room times, and leading club team training. As we take a lot of pride in being Jumbos, you will be outfitted with plenty of strength and conditioning gear as well as team issued gear.

Our ideal candidate shows up early, wants to be on the floor with teams as much as their schedule allows, takes critiques well, and is interested in developing into a great collegiate strength coach. We have incredibly high standards for the entire staff and if that challenge appeals to you, we look forward to talking with you.

Position Responsibilities

  • Programming for team(s).
  • Leading training sessions for teams.
  • Assisting with training for the largest teams.
  • Being on the floor as much as possible.
  • Weekly education sessions.
  • Site visits to other schools.
  • Tracking VJ/Speed/Weight data and entry.

CHIRP Research Fellow (Provost)

Job Description

The Center for Health Inclusion, Research and Practice (CHIRP) focuses on closing the gaps in systematic health disparities that adversely affect people from historically marginalized groups, including those living in poverty, people of color and those with disabilities. The Center is currently made up of three core laboratories: MitoCure (PI: Dr. Bharath), NOURISH (PI: Dr. Cohen) and THRIVE (PI: Dr. Bowling). More information on the Center and its individual labs can be found at The CHIRP Research Fellow will assist the Center’s Research Manager in a variety of research-related and administrative tasks.

Note: In the 2024-25 academic year we expect there will be at least 1 additional research laboratories and associated PIs within CHIRP. The(se) additional lab(s) will increase the scope and reach of CHIRP.

Position Responsibilities

  • Complete human subjects CITI training.
  • Literature reviews, including working with a research librarian to search for and screen studies for review and summary.
  • Participant recruiting activities such as materials design, distribution and outreach.
  • Participant screening and consent.
  • Data collection (in-person and remote), data entry and cleaning.
  • Research-related equipment management and operation.
  • Communication of results, including research poster design and presentations.
  • Administrative tasks including assistance with project management and scheduling.

Kinesiology Research Fellow (Provost)

Job Description

The Kinesiology Graduate Fellow at Merrimack College will be primarily responsible for planning, organizing, implementing, analyzing and presenting research projects in conjunction with Andrew Cannon. The Fellow will also be responsible for teaching assistant duties with the Kinesiology 1/Biomechanics and Kinesiology 2/Pathomechanics academic courses. The Fellow will also be responsible for campus and community outreach to further Kinesiology inquiry, research and education as well as direct supervision/assistance/guidance to any undergraduate projects.

Position Responsibilities

Professionalism and Team:

  • Maintain professionalism in all interpersonal interactions with staff, students, and research subjects, including: appropriate attire; appropriate verbal and written/email expression; and appropriate online presence and content.
  • Maintain constant communication, keeping Andrew Cannon and other team members apprised of all plans and progress.
  • Assist with research schedules and weekly research meetings; bring reports to each meeting stating progress from last.
  • Be responsive to constructive criticism, understanding that criticism of behavior is not the same as criticism of the individual.
  • Address any interpersonal conflict promptly, directly, personally, and professionally.
  • Maintain an active on-campus presence throughout the week.
  • Given the nature of human subjects research, maintain a flexible 7-day-a-week schedule.
  • Step in when help is needed, regardless of the task.
  • Check with Andrew Cannon before emailing or contacting individuals outside of the department, including non-Merrimack-affiliated individuals.
  • Always ask for clarification if roles or responsibilities are unclear.


  • Serve as a constructive, cooperative leader in research projects at the graduate and undergraduate level.
  • Demonstrate initiative, leadership, and altruism.
  • Assist with the recruitment and management of undergraduate student volunteers.
  • You are actively encouraged to develop independent plans, once vetted by Andrew Cannon.

Research Tasks:

  • Work closely with Andrew Cannon in the development and implementation of research projects.
  • Assist in the writing process, including applications for grant funds, IRB applications, applications for presentations at conferences and analysis and submission of research manuscripts.
  • Perform independent research – both in the laboratory and by analyzing the literature.
  • Schedule and participate in research training sessions as needed.
  • Manage recruitment of subjects for research studies.
  • Maintain laboratory equipment as needed to ensure it is working properly.
  • Ensure the Human Performance Laboratory and research areas are clean and organized.

Additional Tasks (may take as much time as other tasks):

  • Support other offices for “all hands on deck events,” such as open houses, accepted student days and sponsor visits.

Exercise Science Teaching & Reserach Fellow (Provost)

Job Description

This is a 15-hour weekly fellowship position. The qualified candidate will serve as the primary teaching fellow across the Anatomy and Physiology I and II curriculum as well as the Exercise Physiology I and II curriculum. This will include working closely with the lead faculty supervisor and overseeing the undergraduate peer mentors across all sections of this course. Additionally, the qualified candidate will work alongside the site supervisor to explore research questions related to the scholarship of teaching and learning. Specifically, they will explore teaching innovations/evidence-based teaching strategies aimed at enhancing student performance and perceptions in integrated health science courses.

Position Responsibilities

  • Grading of assessments as needed in the AP1/2 and EP1/2 curriculum.
  • Assist/teach in lab/lecture.
  • Assist students with study skills/content acquisition and understanding out of class.
  • Primary teaching fellow for 1 section of AP1, AP2, EP1, & EP2.
  • Help to develop and prepare activities and opportunities to help students learn complex material.
  • Set up classroom space for weekly activities as needed. The fellow will also assist with “training” of AP1, and AP2 teams (instructors and other TA/peer mentors) in the use of equipment used for activities.
  • Work with the faculty supervisor to develop and implement new instructional strategies aimed at promoting student engagement and student achievement.
  • Work with the faculty supervisor to develop/implement evidence-based teaching strategies to enhance student learning and perceptions of learning.
  • Collect/organize data relative to students’ performance and perceptions.
  • Develop evaluation tools to assess various aspects of student learning. Possibly assist with data analysis, etc.
  • Attend weekly/biweekly meetings and set the agenda for lab reviews, equipment usage and run-throughs for all peer mentors as needed. Meet weekly with peer mentors to develop retrieval strategies for integrated learning.
  • Assist the site supervisor in the development of a manuscript related to the science of teaching and learning.
  • Assist the site supervisor in the development of a conference presentation related to the science of teaching and learning.
  • Communicate consistently and positively, reply to all student and faculty emails preferably within 12 hours, no later than 24 hours.
  • Opportunities to teach throughout the semester in various content areas.
  • Retrieve images from the visible body application to develop an accessible library.
  • Be open to developing new ideas for enhancing teaching and learning in the AP/EP curriculum.

Women's Health Research Fellow (Presidential)

Job Description

The Merrimack College Graduate Fellow in Women’s Health will work alongside Dr. Melissa St. Hilaire in the Department of Computer and Data Sciences and in the Center For Health Inclusion, Research And Practice on a recently funded research study entitled “The FeMSLeeP study: Field-based study of menstrual cycle phase on sleep, light exposure and performance in young women”, which aims to quantify the impact of the menstrual cycle on sleep, light, circadian rhythms and neurobehavioral performance in young healthy women. The Graduate Fellow will work closely with Dr. St. Hilaire to recruit and enroll participants, collect longitudinal data and complete data analysis in support of the aims of the study.

In addition, the Graduate Fellow will have the opportunity to conduct data analysis on data collected from Dr. St. Hilaire’s other funded research studies in collaboration with colleagues from Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

Position Responsibilities

  • Administer and review participant screening questionnaires for eligibility criteria.
  • Administer and review daily sleep diaries.
  • Administer neurobehavioral tests.
  • Manage study equipment.
  • Handle and store biological specimens.
  • Record data in the study REDCap database.
  • Assist with supervision of undergraduate research assistants.
  • Assist with data management and analysis.
  • Assist with IRB submissions, compliance reviews and grant reports.

REHAB Research Fellow (Provost)

Job Description

As a Graduate Research Fellow in the REHAB Lab, the fellow will work primarily in the conduct and publication of independent and collaborative scholarly research on topics focused on the role exercise and other lifestyle behaviors can play in the treatment and prevention of chronic disease, with a targeted focus on mental health, substance use and cardiometabolic disease and disability. All research by the fellow will involve relevant collaboration with other Merrimack faculty members, as well as with investigators at other institutions (e.g., UCLA, National Center for PTSD at VA Boston Healthcare System, Tufts Medical Center, Greater Lawrence Family Health Center, and Yale New Haven Hospital, among others). This position would be beneficial to students interested in pursuing doctoral degrees, PA/OT/PT school, or other careers in research or clinical settings.

Position Responsibilities

  • Conducting cardiopulmonary exercise testing, muscular strength and power assessments.
  • Interpreting metabolic and performance data from exercise fitness tests.
  • Exercise program design/prescription (i.e., exercise mode, intensity, frequency and duration) for individuals with and without physical limitations/disabilities, and data collection/maintenance.
  • Overseeing the recruitment of participants.
  • Manage IRB documents as it relates to modifications to ongoing study protocols or the development of new projects.
  • Conducting testing and training sessions.
  • Assuring quality of sessions.
  • Participating in all on-site audits and study meetings.
  • Assisting with supervision of other research staff (if applicable).
  • Managing multiple aspects of project administration including budget and participant compensation.

Exercise and Sport Science Fellowship Process


  1. Click the “Apply Now” button below or go to to begin or resume your graduate application.
  2. Within your app, select “Yes” for “Are you applying to a fellowship?”
  3. Submit your application. Be sure to complete the required Fellowship essay.
  4. Receive your admission decision. If admitted to the master’s program, you’ll receive further instructions about the fellowship process.
A screenshot from an iPhone displaying the question about fellowship interest on the graduate application.

Important Information for the 2024-2025 Exercise and Sport Science Fellowship Program

We are accepting applications on a rolling basis!

First Day of Fellowship Training: August 12, 2024 (Summer I, Summer II, Fall I)

Courses Begin: Late August 2024 (Summer I, Summer II, Fall)

Duration of Fellowship Placement: August 26, 2024 to late June 2025

We strongly encourage you to apply as soon as possible for your best chance at a preferred placement. Applications will be accepted until all fellowship positions have been filled.

The process is as follows:

  1. Submit your online application. Be sure to indicate your fellowship interest within your application.
  2. Submit your initial ranking form. Students who are accepted for admission and invited to interview for a fellowship will be eligible to review and rank their preferred positions. If you are invited, your invitation will include a deadline for submitting your selections. Please note: we do not guarantee that you will be invited to interview for your top selections.
  3. Complete your site interviews. First round of interviews will take place. 
  4. Submit your post-interview rankings. After the interviews, both students and sites must complete and submit their post-interview ranking forms, ranking their preferences for final placement.
  5. Receive your match notification. Match letters will be sent to all students and supervisors.

Please note: Participation in the fellowship placement process is NOT a guarantee of a fellowship.

Questions? All interested students should email Megan Haggerty in Graduate Admissions for further information. 

Dean and Alumni Scholarships

Dean and Alumni Scholarships are available to students who are not receiving a fellowship. No additional application is needed.

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