Department of Communication and Media

Communication and Media Major

Major in Communication and Media

By taking courses that integrate critical theory and real-world practice, you’ll explore a variety of areas of study, including environmental communication, health campaigns, sports communication, humor and media, intercultural communication and radio production.

What You’ll Learn

In the course of your studies as a communication and media major at Merrimack College, you’ll learn how communication and media plays a fundamental role in how we understand each other, organizations, movements, cultures and mass communication.

The communication and media major offers:

  • An interdisciplinary perspective that embraces both humanities-based and social-science-focused communication studies.
  • A core curriculum that explores all major areas of communication while maintaining the latitude for individual exploration through electives.
  • The flexibility to construct your own curriculum based on different topics, such as organizational, visual, intercultural, environmental, health, and mass communication.
  • Access to the practical experience needed for employment and the academic achievement needed for graduate school application.
  • Video and audio production spaces that connect you with the digitized formats used in current media-production operations.

Hands-On Learning

The majority of communication and media majors participate in at least one internship, co-op, fieldwork or practicum, with a wealth of experiential education opportunities to choose from. You can:

  • Test drive your knowledge in Merrimack’s new television and photography studios and fully equipped Mac lab.
  • Hit the radio waves at WMCK, our internet radio station.
  • Contribute to The Beacon, our student newspaper.
  • Intern for local and national companies focused on PR, radio, TV and marketing, or for government and nonprofit organizations.
  • Take an intensive study-abroad communication course or learn about media while immersed in another culture for an entire semester.

Career Options

The communication and media major is designed to build a foundation upon which students may pursue professional work in the following sectors:

  • Law
  • Politics
  • Media organizations
  • Education
  • Business
  • Technological industries
  • Healthcare
  • Social services

Courses You’ll Take