Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about Merrimack College’s undergraduate application process. 

We know college applications are uncharted territory, and like most students you probably have a lot of questions. You are not alone! While everyone has their own story or circumstance that makes their application unique, here are some common Q&As that might help.

If you have a specific question about applying to Merrimack, reach out to our office at

Application FAQs

What is Merrimack looking for in potential applicants?

It’s not all about GPAs and test scores. In fact, we don’t use test scores in our review process at all! We like to see what kinds of classes you’re taking and how you’ve grown in those areas throughout high school. We also like to see how you spend your free time to better understand what motivates you and what you’re passionate about. It’s not about doing the most or being the best; it’s about who you are as a person and if we think you’ll be happy here.

Do I need to pay an application fee?

Nope—applying to Merrimack is totally free!

Does applying Early Decision/Early Action give my application an advantage?

Nope, we treat every applicant equally! Everyone is reviewed using the same criteria regardless of which application deadline you choose. The deadlines simply help give you a goal to work towards so you know when you’ll receive a decision and how much time you have to explore your options.

Do I need to submit one recommendation letter or two?

For students interested in joining our Nursing program, we require two letters of recommendation. All other majors only require one letter of recommendation.

If I send in my test scores, will you look at them?

Merrimack is test-blind for admission, scholarship and Honors program consideration which means our review process doesn’t use test scores in any way. Additionally, there is no GPA requirement and no additional writing supplements required to apply test-blind. We would rather look at what makes you a good fit for Merrimack so that we know you’ll be happy and successful here.

I requested my transcript and recommendation letters, does that mean I can submit my application now or should I wait?

No matter which documents we receive first, we’ll start an application file for you where everything gets collected as it comes in. In other words, there’s no right or wrong “order” in which to apply so don’t stress about trying to time everything perfectly. School counselors can get BUSY so it’s better to request that stuff sooner rather than later even if you haven’t applied yet!

I just noticed a typo/mistake on my application. What should I do?!

Don’t panic! Mistakes happen. If it’s just a spelling error it’s not the end of the world; we look at EVERYTHING and won’t judge you based on a silly little typo. But if it’s something important—like your address or phone number—then you might be able to update it in your applicant portal. If all else fails, just email us at and we will fix it for you.

When will I get my decision?

If you complete your application by our November 15 EA/ED deadline, then you’ll receive your admission decision by mid-December.  After November 15, we’ll be releasing admission decisions weekly on a rolling basis stating in late-December. Decisions are first posted electronically in your portal, and if admitted, a letter is mailed home shortly after.

What happens if I drop a class?

It’s always a good idea to speak with your school counselor before dropping a class to make sure you’re meeting your graduation requirements. You can also let your admission counselor know if you are thinking about a schedule change, and they can provide additional insight based on your major. For instance, majors like nursing might have minimum requirements to meet before entering the program.

What happens if I change my major?

The only programs that might require further conversation or re-evaluation are Nursing and Engineering because they have more rigid curriculums. Otherwise, it is totally fine to change your major now, over the summer, or any time through your first two years. It will not impact your decision or financial aid. And if you’re still undecided—that’s ok, too! That’s what our Discover Program is for.