Meet the Ambassadors!

Our ambassadors represent the College and serve as a resource to prospective students and their families. They bleed blue and gold!

There are more than 100 students who participate in Merrimack’s Ambassador Program. They are hand-selected to assist in many aspects of the admission process, including giving campus tours, hosting shadow visits, and being a resource for prospective students and families. 

This year’s ambassadors come from 14 states, represent all five of our academic schools, are involved in countless Merrimack activities like Division I Athletics, Student Government, Greek Life, Visual & Performing Arts, and more!

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Stella Benedetto ’25

Student Ambassador

Hometown: Boxford, MA
Major: Human Development and Human Services
Favorite thing about Merrimack: My favorite thing about Merrimack is the amazing community!
Why did you choose Merrimack: Academic support for sure was one of the big reasons I came to Merrimack! I want everyone to find their place here at Merrimack and not being a part of a sports team does not define you, there are so many other programs to be a part of!

Jill Besser ’24

Student Ambassador

Hometown: Scituate, RI
Major: Nursing
Favorite thing about Merrimack: My favorite thing about Merrimack is the people here. Walking anywhere on campus most likely I’ll see a familiar face and that’s part of what makes this campus feel like home. There are so many ways to get involved which has allowed me to meet great people and participate in things I’m passionate about.
Why did you choose Merrimack: I will never forget the first time I came to Merrimack for Admitted Students Day and instantly wanted to be a part of this community. Deciding where to go to college during a pandemic was discouraging in many ways and Merrimack and the feeling I got the first time I came here gave me hope. I applied to 10 nursing programs; none felt like home quite like Merrimack nursing. The amazing faculty, state of the art facility, and endless potential to grow and cultivate a one of a kind community. It was undoubtedly what I wanted to be part of and I couldn’t be happier with my decision.

Victoria Klimek ’24

Student Ambassador

Hometown: Rochester, NY
Major: Business Administration & Communication and Media
Favorite thing about Merrimack: My favorite thing about Merrimack is the people and community that you are surrounded with. Merrimack makes it a point and puts in effort to bring students together through different events, classes, etc. No matter where you are on campus you will be greeted by smiling faces of both students and staff that will welcome you to the Merrimack community!
Why did you choose Merrimack: I chose Merrimack because of the feeling I got when I first came onto campus. It was a feeling of home and comfort. Due to the pandemic I was not able to visit campus before committing so I was very nervous about making this large decision. When I was finally able to visit Merrimack I was nervous and then felt the stress wash away as I was welcomed by all of the students and staff. Being 6 hours away from home I wanted to go to a school where I felt comfortable, and Merrimack has gone above and beyond to make it feel like a home away from home.

Molly Kueter ’24

Student Ambassador

Hometown: Bethesda, MD
Major: Criminology & Criminal Justice, Human Development & Human Services
Favorite thing about Merrimack: MY favorite thing about Merrimack is Merri! Also, how many student leadership opportunities are available.
Why did you choose Merrimack: I only had known about Merrimack through the parent perspective because one of my high school teacher’s son went here. I visited the school once (before Arcidi, Crowe, Nursing Center etc. was built) and then the pandemic hit. My admission counselor was beyond supportive and would check in with me as a student first, and then as a prospective student. The Merrimack community as a whole was so supportive and communicative through the pandemic and admission process.

Alianna Olivier ’25

Student Ambassador

Hometown: Stoughton, MA
Major: Psychology, Sociology
Favorite thing about Merrimack: My favorite thing about Merrimack is how welcoming a lot of the upperclassmen are!
Why did you choose Merrimack: I really liked Merrimack’s psychology program alongside their community service opportunities.

Yvonne Tan ’24

Student Ambassador

Hometown: Tyngsboro, MA
Major: Nursing
Favorite thing about Merrimack: My favorite think about Merrimack is the people. I know I can walk up to anyone, a peer or faculty, whether I have met them before or not and they will be willing to help me. From being lost on my first day of classes as a freshman all the way to ensuring my success after obtaining my nursing degree there is always many people who are willing to help me along the way. It is so easy to make connections and friends due to all the friendly faces here.
Why did you choose Merrimack: I instantly fell in love with Merrimack on my first campus tour. It immediately checked off many boxes: location, community, size, and endless potential to grow. As I learned more about the school over time it was evident that the support provided by peers and professional faculty is immense, whether it is for academics, career success, physical health, and mental health. Everyone on campus makes me feel like home as it is one big family who always looks out for each other.