CARE Committee

CARE Committee

Merrimack College’s CARE (Campus Assessment, Response, and Evaluation) team provides outreach to students who may be struggling socially or emotionally. 

Attend a seminar about managing stress, spend an hour in the fitness center, play intramural sports or find the right lunch in Sparky’s to keep your engine running.

When bumps in the road arise, the Hamel Health Center is here to provide you with medical care. You can also participate in confidential counseling services at The Counseling Center.

What is the CARE Team?

The CARE Team at Merrimack College is dedicated to the health and success of each student academically, socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually. The purpose of the team is to identify and develop a plan for those students that may be experiencing more than ordinary transitional issues and may need a member of the campus community to check in or offer assistance in some way. Through this outreach, it is our goal to make students aware of the resources that are available to them and help them to be successful.

What does the CARE Team do?

The CARE Team meets weekly in an effort to review all cases that are referred to them. After reviewing each student individually, the team determines appropriate outreach based on student needs and resources that can be provided to them. The CARE Team uses a vast network of faculty and staff from across campus and identifies the key people who are best served to help the student solve their problems and succeed at the College. Once a connection between a student and staff has been made and resources have been offered, the team will follow up to ensure the student is in the best possible place to continue with their education.

What issues does the CARE Team help with?

Students who are typically referred to the CARE Team have recently shown some kind of distress or significant change in regular behavior, either in or outside the classroom. This can be due to the stresses of the academic calendar, a change in financial status, the death of a loved one, a challenging living situation, a recent illness or injury, or any other challenging issues that face college students today. In reality, if there is any student concern that warrants some kind of intervention, the CARE Team can be notified and will review the student’s case.  

What can I expect when I file a CARE report?

All members of the Merrimack College community can submit a CARE report on behalf of any student, regardless of his or her class year or enrollment status. Recognizing the sensitive nature of personal circumstances, the CARE Team is committed to protecting the privacy of our students. When a CARE report is submitted, the name of the student, the name of the reporter, and all information contained within the report are kept private within the CARE Team unless there is an imminent threat to the safety of the student or others within the community.

When a member of the campus community submits a report, it is typically reviewed by a member of the CARE Team within 24 hours. Members of the CARE Team will make every effort to notify the person who submitted the report that it has been received, and may ask for additional information. When student privacy allows, members of the CARE Team will remain in contact with the person who submitted the report to confirm that outreach has occurred.  

Who is on the CARE Team?

  • Wellness Educator
  • Dean of Students
  • Associate Dean of Health and Wellness
  • Assistant Dean of Students 
  • Dean of Student Success
  • Representatives from Residence Life, the Academic Success Center, Financial Aid, Athletics, academic schools and the Merrimack Police Department



The Red Folder is a resource for faculty and staff to help provide support to students in distress. Download here:


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