Meet the Staff

Meet the Orientation Staff

Our team is here to welcome you and show you all that Merrimack has to offer

Orientation Coordinators

Your Orientation Coordinators are upperclassmen selected to assist in the operations of the Orientation Program.

Sara Comisky '24

Hometown: Milford, MA
Major: Health Sciences
Minor: Sociology
One thing I wish I knew before Orientation:  I wish I knew that it was going to be okay if I stepped outside of my comfort zone and talked and got to know everyone. It seems scary at first, but after you do it one time, it gets easier and becomes less scary. It will be hard to put yourself out there, but by doing this, you will find your people and make your college experience what you want it to be.
Why I chose Merrimack: I chose Merrimack because of all the opportunities they have. I was going to continue a lot of my passions while being able to discover new ones.

Olivia Cutler

Olivia Cutler '25

Hometown: Mendon, MA
Major: Psychology
Minors: Religious and Theological Studies & Criminology and Criminal Justice
One thing I wish I knew before Orientation: I wish I knew not to be nervous or stressed going into Orientation. Everyone at Orientation is there for the same reason. Orientation is a fun time where you meet new people, learn about Merrimack, and make memories.
Why I chose Merrimack: I chose Merrimack because I like the community at Merrimack. I also love that it is a small enough school where you can get to know the students and professors in each class; that way, you get to have a personal experience with your professor, but Merrimack is also big enough where you can always meet new people and join new clubs. Merrimack felt like such a vibrant place with always something going, and that is something that I continue to love about Merrimack until this day.

Caitlin Henaghan

Caitlin Henaghan '25

Hometown: Stoneham, MA
Majors: Human Development and Human Services & Elementary Education
One thing I wish I knew before Orientation: I wish I knew that it was OK to be yourself and step out of your comfort zone. Quite a few people from my high school came to Merrimack, but I knew I had to remove myself from what was comfortable with making new friends on top of the wonderful friends I had from home.
Why I chose Merrimack: I chose Merrimack the second I was on campus; I felt I belonged. There was such a sense of community, and you could tell that when touring the campus. Merrimack had so much to offer for academics, clubs, and organizations, and I knew that this was where I would succeed the most.

Bryan Costa

Bryan Mendes Costa '25

Hometown: Lowell, MA
Major: Psychology
Minor: Sociology
One thing I wish I knew before Orientation:  I wish I knew how friendly everyone is at Merrimack. Everyone, from students to faculty, is exceptionally kind.
Why I chose Merrimack:  I chose Merrimack because of how much I liked the campus. From the convenience of many academic buildings being close together to how gorgeous everything looks in the spring, I fell in love with the campus.

Emma Zimon

Emma Zimon '25

Hometown: Holden, MA
Majors: Elementary Education and Human Development and Human Resources
Minor: Religious and Theological Studies
One thing I wish I knew before Orientation: I wish I knew that everyone is in the same boat. Going to college in general, is exciting and nerve-wracking, especially since it was personally my first time away from home. But orientation is what you put into it, and I felt more acclimated to the community by making an effort. Understanding that I wasn’t alone and I could do something to feel more comfortable would have been super helpful!
Why I chose Merrimack: Merrimack was not initially on my radar, but when it came down to choosing my home for the next four years, Merrimack made me excited for my future and made it feel real. Being a warrior is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Orientation Leaders

Your Orientation Leaders are comprised of upperclassmen who will work in small groups with all new students. They are a great resource for students to ask questions, share concerns, etc.

Professional Staff

Our professional staff helps to supervise our student leaders on campus and also work to shape the program for both students and families.