Making a Difference

Annual gifts to The Merrimack Fund provide student scholarships, increase financial support for faculty, build state-of-the-art athletic facilities and support student life initiatives.

Designating Your Gift

You may designate your gift to any of the following areas of the College:

The Merrimack Fund
Your contribution provides Merrimack College with the flexibility to address our most pressing needs and supports every facet of the student experience. In an ever-evolving educational landscape, your generosity enables Merrimack to remain at the forefront of innovative and compelling programs that will ensure student success. 

Athletics (The Warrior Fund)
Your contribution is more impactful than ever, as the College’s student-athletes compete for the first time in the Northeast Conference. The move to Division I is just one in a series of steps that has helped make Merrimack one of the most exciting stories in higher education today, and one you have helped make possible. 

General Scholarship Fund
Thanks to your generosity, our vision to ensure qualified students can attend Merrimack College is a reality. Your contribution provides access to a compelling student experience both inside and outside the classroom. 

Student Life
Your contribution provides students with resources, services and opportunities to get involved in community building and wellness on campus. Thanks to your generosity, students are able to participate in a variety of activities that meet their personal interests and augment their Merrimack experience.

Girard School of Business
Your contribution helps to develop professionals who think critically, communicate effectively and excel in productive roles in the community and the globally competitive marketplace. Thanks to your generosity, the Girard School of Business is able to prepare students to excel in a wide variety of careers and opportunities.

Winston School of Education and Social Policy
Your contribution provides Merrimack students with the opportunity to learn about, collaborate with and impact PreK-12 schools, colleges and communities through dynamic and focused programs that link theory to practice, excellence to impact and classrooms with communities.

School of Health Science
Your contribution provides students a strong foundation in the basic sciences, and technology — enhanced by diverse experiential learning opportunities. Thanks to your generosity, the School of Health Sciences is able to prepare students to excel in a wide variety of careers in the health professions and human performance fields.

School of Liberal Arts
Your contribution provides students with the ability to develop critical thinking skills and apply those skills to real word applications across disciplines and industries. Thanks to your generosity, the School of Liberal Arts is able to provide students with a strong foundation to ensure student success at Merrimack and in the larger community. 

School of Science and Engineering
Your contribution helps to provide students with the tools they need to excel in an increasingly more complex and technological environment. Your generosity helps Merrimack remain in the forefront of innovative and compelling programs to ensure student success in the classroom and beyond.

Your contribution helps provide students with a strong foundation of nursing practices, combining theoretical and clinical coursework. The new nursing program is designed to meet the growing demand for baccalaureate-prepared nurses. Thanks to your generosity, Merrimack students will gain the knowledge and experience to become a safe, compassionate caregiver and future nurse leader.

Pioneer Scholars
Your contribution is making a lasting impact, providing our Pioneer Scholars with access to a unique opportunity at Merrimack. In their first semester, the ten Pioneer Scholars have established themselves as key contributors to the Merrimack and Lawrence community.

Mucci Capital Markets Lab
Your contribution supports our ability to simulate a professional trading floor in a classroom setting backed by Bloomberg, Morningstar and Capital IQ technologies. Thanks to your generosity, students are developing substantial knowledge about investments and global markets and are gaining hands-on experience with several real-world applications.

The Merrimack Investment Fund
Your contribution has helped to grow the fund to over $200,000 which provides our students an incredible experiential learning opportunity that affords them with a great advantage when entering the job market. Thanks to your generosity, Merrimack is able to continue to build a foundation of distinction that helps attract the best and brightest students.