The Merrimack Fund

Support What You Love

The Merrimack community is extremely grateful for the support of alumni, parents and friends. In response to the outpouring of love for the College, its mission and students, we have expanded The Merrimack Fund so that moving forward, you can more easily direct annual gifts to Support What You Love.

Support What You Love

Merrimack’s Area of Greatest Need

Unrestricted gifts provide a vital source of momentum for Merrimack, and are the primary way to help sustain the distinctive features that make Merrimack College special.

Academic Innovation

Merrimack encourages students to openly engage, debate and exchange ideas, both with faculty and each other. Interactive classes, low student-to-teacher ratios and group projects reinforce this idea by promoting dynamic, active learning. Gifts to academic innovation support expanded opportunities for students to engage in research collaboration with each other and with faculty across and between all schools.

Academic Success Center

Merrimack is committed to providing strong and vibrant programs to enrich the academic experience and enhance academic services. Gifts to the Academic Success Center support programs like the Compass Program, First-Year Experience, academic success coaching, the Tutoring and Math Center and the Writing Center.

Campus Sustainability

Merrimack is committed to understanding, responding to and transforming the impacts of human activity on the natural systems of the planet. Gifts to campus sustainability help to integrate a holistic view of sustainability into Merrimack’s operations, research and engagement, and create a wiser, healthier world.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Merrimack’s founding values of teaching, learning and serving inform the institution’s unwavering commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. Gifts to DEI build and nurture a culturally, racially diverse community, anchored in intersectional justice and respect for all identities and differences.

Girard School of Business

Committed to the highest standards of teaching and research, our unique approach to business education includes a strong foundation in the liberal arts and Augustinian values, as well as a solid background in business in the areas of accounting, finance, marketing, management, sport management and global business. Gifts to the Girard School provide the resources needed to develop professionals who think critically, communicate effectively and excel in productive roles in the community and the globally competitive marketplace.

Mission and Ministry

Grounded by our Augustinian Catholic beliefs, Merrimack develops students spiritually to become more self-aware, compassionate, responsible and ethical leaders. Gifts to mission and ministry support co-curricular experiences that can connect students’ intellectual growth with personal, moral and spiritual development, as well as community-based initiatives including Hands to Help and the SEND program.

O’Brien Center for Career Development

Merrimack believes that career preparedness, fluency in workplace competencies, and participation in internships and co-ops are a critical component of a college education. Gifts to the O’Brien Center support career advising, networking events, access to hands-on work experience, and the Professional Development Retreat.

Pioneer Scholars Program

Gifts that support Pioneer Scholarships provide high-achieving students from Lawrence, MA with the opportunity to attend Merrimack College on a full scholarship, covering tuition, room and board, and fees and books.

Scholarship and Financial Aid

Gifts to scholarships allow Merrimack to maintain its unflagging commitment to keeping the College affordable for the 99% of our student body who receive financial aid.

School of Arts and Sciences

The School of Arts and Sciences is the bedrock and intellectual core of Merrimack’s Augustinian values and academics. Gifts to Arts and Sciences support students in the arts, humanities and life sciences, who are exposed to diverse ideas, theories and perspectives that nurture critical thinking and problem-solving skills to many careers and fields.

School of Engineering and Computational Sciences

Merrimack’s School of Engineering and Computational fuels innovation, research and collaboration through academic excellence. Gifts to Engineering and Computational Sciences provide resources that support the next chapter of innovation and allow our faculty and students to translate ideas into real-world applications.

School of Nursing and Health Sciences

Home to leading programs and research efforts, and guided by our Augustinian values, we prepare students to be highly skilled, compassionate and ethical health professionals. Gifts to the Nursing and Health Sciences provide a quality, innovative education built upon strong science, emerging technologies and real-world foundational experiences.

Student Life and Wellness

Merrimack is committed to a campus culture in which every student is given the support, education, opportunities and encouragement necessary to actively prioritize their health and wellness. Gifts to student life and wellness fund co-curricular programming, the counseling center, the student fitness center, and the resources to get students involved on campus.

The Warrior Fund (Athletics)

Merrimack is proud of its high-performing student-athletes, who each semester accomplish amazing things on our playing fields and in our classrooms and laboratories. Gifts to The Warrior Fund ensure that more than 750 student-athletes competing on 28 NCAA Division I teams can boldly continue this tradition of excellence.

Winston School of Education and Social Policy

Merrimack believes that education is a transformative practice that changes the world. Our dynamic, rigorous programs prepare students to engage with communities by linking theory, research and practice. Gifts to the Winston School provide the support to focus on ethics and professionalism, allowing faculty to mentor students to be reflective and engaged educators, practitioners and advocates for the common good.