Office of Institutional Effectiveness

Academic Program Review

Academic Program Review

The academic review process reflects Merrimack College’s commitment to academic integrity. Given the diversity of academic program and program needs for undergraduate, graduate and professional studies programs at the college, academic program review helps ensure and sustain program quality across the diverse portfolio of academic programming at Merrimack.

All undergraduate and graduate programs at Merrimack are part of a systemic review process. Program review provides faculty and academic administration the opportunity to periodically examine: (1) the extent to which programs are aligned with the college’s mission; (2) the dimensions of program quality; (3) program innovation and/or new program development; (4) alignment with the student market; and (5) the adequacy and effectiveness of how college resources are being used to support these programs. The review process allows academic programs to reflect on their achievements, plan for the future, and insure that their activities are aligned with the college’s mission and strategic plan.

Supporting Documents and Information for Program Evaluations

The program evaluation process for programs engaged in the 2019-2020 program evaluation cycle can be downloaded by clicking on undergraduate process or graduate process.