Student Research

Student Research

At Merrimack College, we support our students participating in research at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Learn more about some of the projects our students are working on below.

Hear From Our Students

"I worked with Dr. Anthony Franco in Spring 2023 to develop photoactive nylon with the use or Azobenzene with transposes between trans-state and cis-state with the aid of visible light. This polymer has medical applications as it can be utilized as a tissue replacement."

Sydney Babb
Sydney Babb '24

"I am currently working in the MitoCure Laboratory under the direction of Dr. Leena Bharath. My role in this laboratory is to perform experiments that help us visualize protein expression and mitochondrial structure in aging cells, and to test the effect of two drugs on reducing inflammation, thus extending the human health span."

Kaleigh Gibney
Kaleigh Ginny '24
Health Science

"During my undergraduate studies, I participated in research with Dr. Bill McDowell focused on the conservation of local threatened species such as the Wood and Box Turtle. During my graduate studies, I continued working with Dr. McDowell and developed environmental pollutant research examining microplastics in drinking water. I conducted field sampling, data analysis, and presentations of the results at regional conferences. I was also able to mentor undergraduate research assistants working on this project."

Deana Hutcheson '22, M'23
Biology, Master's Program

"I have worked in the Social Cognition and Affective Neuroscience (SCAN) lab for Dr. Allison Seitchik and Dr. Lauri Kurdziel. I took participants through the study by applying equipment, sending out questionnaires and conducting all aspects of the study."

Katelyn Mann '24

"While at Merrimack College, I worked in the MitoCure lab run by Dr. Leena Bharath. As someone who aspires to one day work in a research lab, doing so on campus has been a great experience!"

Heather Marszalkows
Heather Marszalkows '23

"The research I assist with is in the MitoCure Lab with Dr. Leena Bharath where at a cellular level, we focus on understanding aging. We mainly look for changes in immune cell mitochondria during aging."

Leanne Murphy '24
Leanne Murphy '24
Biology, Pre-Dental

"I worked with Dr. Charlotte Berkes focusing on the detection of bacteria that confers antibiotic resistance within the Merrimack River. Through this research I was able to grasp the scientific method first hand. I was also able to learn a great variety of scientific assays and understand when they are applicable. I am very grateful for my experience with Dr. Berkes and the rest of the biology department."

Danielle Pintone
Danielle Pintone '22, M'23
Biology, Master's Program

"When I started working for Dr. April Bowling in her lab on GamerFit, I thought I was going to learn about individuals with neurodevelopment disabilities. Throughout this experience, I have learned so much more than I could have expected. Besides learning the logistics and technology this study uses, both April Bowling and Tara Daly have shown me how to work with participants and families and help them to our greatest abilities."

Casie White, current student in Masters in Nutrition & Human Performance program.
Casie White M'24
Nutrition & Human Performance, Master's Program

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