Entrepreneurship Lab

Entrepreneurship Lab

Merrimack’s new Entrepreneurship Lab (E-Lab) is where you’ll turn your ideas into real products and services that make a positive impact on campus and in our community.

Space for Innovation and Problem-Solving

The new Entrepreneurship Lab provides the Merrimack College community with a space for innovation and problem-solving. You’ll have the exciting opportunity to work with local businesses that are seeking solutions to their unique challenges. Together, our students and faculty in the E-Lab will develop and bring to market solution-focused prototypes to help overcome these barriers and achieve greater success.

You’ll use common materials, graphic support and a broad cross-section of faculty expertise while working in the E-Lab.  You will have access to all of the tools required to explore, experiment and evoke positive change in the community.

This new space will support an entrepreneurial culture that nurtures academic excellence, scholarship and service. The E-Lab will serve all students and the local business community to:

  • develop and bring new ideas to market
  • use the lab as an Ideation Station to focus on campus efforts and opportunities
  • develop viable prototypes with common materials and graphic support
  • engage a broad cross-section of faculty expertise in a single location
  • streamline communications regarding all Entrepreneurship programming

Contact Us

Mark Lippman

Assistant Professor of Practice, Entrepreneurship
Crowe Hall, First floor
978-837-5729 | lippmanm@merrimack.edu