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Record-Breaking Campaign Raises $63.5M

Merrimack College’s Largest and Most Successful Fundraising Campaign in Our History

Dear Merrimack Friends,

When I became President of Merrimack College a decade ago, the College was in a period of uncertainty. Changing market dynamics and limited resources forced us to think differently about our future. Our ten-year strategic plan, the Agenda for Distinction, served as the Institution’s inflection point, spurring positive change through a bold vision aimed at helping Merrimack ascend new heights and achieve greater recognition, both regionally and nationally.

Part of this vision included the Together for Good Campaign.

Launched amidst a challenging economic landscape, the Together for Good Campaign’s goal of $50 million seemed wildly ambitious to most. But together, we exceeded all expectations — raising $63.5 million, and propelling the College to achieve one of its most impactful goals.

Thanks to your support of the Together for Good Campaign, we broke ground on nine new buildings, built and renovated over a million square feet of academic, athletic and living spaces and launched more than 40 new undergraduate and graduate programs — including our first foray into health care, with the introduction of our bachelor of science in nursing program. We welcomed 160 new faculty members, expanded campus research efforts, created new community partnerships, won our first (and second) national championships in men’s lacrosse and joined the ranks of leading institutions in NCAA Division I by joining the Northeast Conference.

Merrimack’s strength has always come from the dedication and determination of our alumni, faculty and staff — individuals who are committed to creating a better future. The past seven years have laid the groundwork for great transformation, and as we continue to grow and evolve, the success of the Together for Good Campaign reminds us of what we are truly capable of when we come together.

As the leader of this esteemed and exciting institution, I am extremely proud of our many accomplishments. Thanks to your faith and support, we have shattered goals, ignited pride, revitalized our campus and forever changed the trajectory of the institution — positioning Merrimack College for even greater levels of achievement in the years to come.

Together we can. Together we did. Together for good.

With gratitude,

President Christopher E. Hopey, Ph.D. signature

President Christopher E. Hopey, Ph.D.

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Campaign Leadership

Christopher E. Hopey, Ph.D.


Michael Crowe ’92, H’17 and
Kerridan Crowe H’18, P’17
Alfred Arcidi Jr. ’84 and
Mary Louise Arcidi P’06, M’17, ’18


Charlie Day ’98, H’14

Building for Good

Frank Girard* ’62, H’16, G’17
Bruce Bouchard ’79

Innovating for Good

Mary Gorham Franco ’81 and
Michael Franco ’81, P’12

Competing for Good

Richard Gallant H’15
Lee Slattery ’81

Standing Up for Good

Christine Zampell ’75 and James Zampell ’75
Maryann Testa Boyce ’81 and Jack Boyce ’81
Rev. Raymond F. Dlugos, O.S.A., Ph.D.

Merrimack Community

Kyle McInnis, Sc.D., FACSM


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