Trust us—Tour Colleges in the Summer!

It’s a common misconception that taking a college tour in the summer is a waste of time. This couldn’t be further from the truth!  While touring during the academic year has its benefits—like a lively campus and stumbling upon student events—there’s plenty of reasons to visit some colleges this summer!

1. Less crowds = less nerves Let’s face it—as a high school student, stepping onto a college campus can be extremely intimidating. That, plus large crowds of other prospective students, current students of the college, staff or faculty and even walkers or joggers adds to the mix. Summer visits are great for the introvert in the crowd, who’d rather walk around in a small, quiet group. 

2. More focus on you When you tour a college in the summer, it’s more likely that admission counselors will be able to meet with you and answer any questions you may have! Throughout the academic year, admission counselors travel the country for various college fairs and high school visits. They tend to be on campus in the summer, and might even offer one on one meetings!

3. The opportunity to explore on your own (and stick around for a while!) Everything is more relaxed in the summer; it’s something about the warm weather…and students home for break. When you attend an event, you’re pretty much locked into programming. Summer tours give the student more freedom to make the visit what they want it to be! Reach out to admission@merrimack.edu to schedule your own unique visit. 

4. Surprise—you might find some events online Most people assume colleges don’t host any summer events. If having set programming is more your style, you’ll be happy to know some schools offer larger events, no matter the season! Keep an eye on the college’s calendar of events or visit webpages

5. Enjoy the weather and explore the area Checking out the surrounding area of the college is a lot more fun in beautiful, sunny weather than in 20 degrees and snow. While Merrimack’s campus is gorgeous no matter the season, New England weather can get COLD. When you visit in the summer, you can grab ice cream after your tour at J.P Lick’s or Richardson’s, take the T to Boston, or shop in downtown Andover! 

And, for those who just don’t see themselves having the opportunity to visit this summer, don’t worry! We offer different virtual experiences that you can participate in from the comfort of your own home. A good place to start is with our interactive virtual tour


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NEACAC College Fair

Sunday, May 5, 2024 
from 6:00 pm 
to 8:00 pm

The Office of Admission is excited to announce that Merrimack College will be hosting a NEACAC College Fair on campus this spring! Join us in Lawler Rink within the Merrimack Athletics Complex on May 5th from 6 p.m. - 8 p.m. Fairs are free and open to the public!

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