Four Working Groups

Our Team

The Unity House Task Force is made up of students dedicated to the mission of Unity House.

We are charged with everything from making the house a comfortable space, to enhancing the social inclusion of underrepresented students, to spreading awareness of diversity. We hold weekly meetings and also meet in dedicated work groups. 

Our Four Working Groups


We look at the long-term legacy of the Unity House and focus on how to change and grow as the house does.

Current activities include meeting with multiple groups on campus to determine best governance structure and policies to ensure long-term viability.


We are in charge of interest and engagement. We focus on developing the “message” of the Unity House and engage students, faculty and staff in developing our mission. 

Current activities include working with the Office of Communications to create messaging, build our website and develop presentations and training for students, student groups, faculty and staff to spread the word about the Unity House. 


We consider how to use events and activities to further the Unity House mission and plan them. We help leadership and administrative teams develop policies on how outside events fit into Unity House operational plans.

Current activities include working with the President’s Office to plan and implement ribbon-cutting events, Black History Month, Ghostlight Project, and more. 


We plan all operational and administrative aspects of Unity House. We meet with various groups and offices on campus to get input on building operational policies and procedures, understanding day-to-day realities of running a space on campus and creating budgets. We also oversee the physical build-out of the space.


Our facilitators help us oversee the Unity House and its projects.