Where Are We Now?

Our Goals

This year our aim is to generate excitement, interest and engagement for the Unity House.

We are also working on our shared mission and vision for Unity House and developing administrative procedures to run the house efficiently. We want to build a lasting legacy on campus.

We will:

  • Continue to work with the Interaction Institute of Social Change on Diversity and Leadership Training to develop our skills as campus leaders.
  • Revisit the structure of the future leadership of the house.
  • Visit other college campuses and Unity House constructs to prepare for the upcoming year.
  • Join staff and students in implementing the institution’s diversity leadership training.
  • Participate in admitted student days and student involvement fairs.
  • Participate in diversity and inclusion efforts on campus, including Social Justice Week.
  • During the summer, plan events to engage student groups to work collaboratively at the start of the new academic year, such as Black History Month.