Marissa Myers Headshot

Marissa Myers

M.A., Spirituality, 2024 (expected)

Marissa Myers is a current master’s student at Merrimack who started her career in advertising. Despite her success in the business world, she decided to change her career path to pursue a master’s degree in Spirituality which supported her future career goals in campus ministry and spiritual direction.

Explaining her decision, Marissa states, “I decided to get my master’s degree because I wanted a career change. I’ve always been called to the spiritual life and wanted to pursue a degree that would support that.”

Marissa’s decision to enroll at Merrimack was driven by the program’s tailored curriculum, designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary for roles in spiritual leadership.

“When I learned about Merrimack’s M.A. in Spirituality program, it was an automatic ‘yes’ to apply!”

Marissa is excited about her future in campus ministry and aspires to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those she encounters. As she puts it, “My career goal is to eventually become a campus minister or Catholic spiritual director. I want to be a safe person for those seeking the religious or spiritual path,one who isn’t judgmental and can help them grow closer to their higher power. By getting a master’s degree in Spirituality, I can make this career transition a reality.”