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Master of Arts in Spirituality

Master of Arts in Spirituality

The Master of Arts in Spirituality program prepares candidates for a life of spiritual exploration, engagement, and service.

Inspired by Merrimack’s Catholic and Augustinian tradition, the Master of Arts in Spirituality program will enrich your understanding of Christianity and other faiths across the world and empower you as a spiritual teacher, guide or director.

Through interactive and interdisciplinary coursework, you will acquire the knowledge and ministerial experience needed to understand how to put spirituality and faith into practice. You will be able to use this knowledge to counsel and minister to others in their spiritual journeys.

To help others enhance their spiritual life and better navigate personal and societal challenges, a strong foundation of interfaith knowledge, along with outstanding interpersonal and counseling skills is imperative. Our advanced degree in spirituality will provide you with these vital capabilities and more.

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Career Opportunities

Graduates of the spirituality program at Merrimack are well positioned to meet the rapidly growing need for pastoral ministers or chaplains, social workers, lay spiritual leaders, and mental health providers.

Equipped with the theological foundation, spiritual insights, and compassionate care skills developed through our interdisciplinary program, you’ll emerge ready to enhance the spiritual journeys of others and meet the changing needs of the spiritual community.

Admission Requirements

The Master of Arts in Spirituality requires an undergraduate Bachelor’s degree (BA or BS). There is no undergraduate major requirement for the degree.


For more information on the Master of Arts in Spirituality, contact the Office of Graduate Studies at or 978-837-3563.