Work-Life Balance

Work-Life Balance

What is Work-Life Balance?

According to a literature review conducted by Thomas Kalith and Paulda Brough, work-life balance is defined as “an individual’s perception that work and non-work activities are compatible and promote growth in accordance with an individual’s current life priorities”. Essentially, work-life balance is when an individual prioritizes their work and personal life demands in a way which allows for positive growth, enjoyment, and life satisfaction.

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“How to Make Work-Life Balance Work”

Check out Nigel Marsh’s TED Talk where he discusses four observations he’s made about work- life balance. Nigel offers insight on how to find the balance among family time, personal time, and work and provides strategies that may help listeners find the right balance for them.

Nigel Marsh’s TED Talk

Achieving Better Work-Life Balance

Achieving work-life balance is not about creating the perfect schedule where you are able to be the most productive and achieve everything on your to-do list. . Rather, it is about prioritizing tasks that you need to or want to complete for the day and being realistic about your ability to complete these tasks. Some days are busier than others, so be sure to check in with yourself to see where you are at.

Tips for Achieving Better Work-Life Balance

Tips on How to Prioritize

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