Student Device Requirements and Recommendations

Incoming Student Device Requirements

Get Tech Ready!

Prepare for success at Merrimack College with the right technology for your coursework. The Office of Information Technology shares its device recommendations and requirements below. 

What Devices to Bring

We highly recommend (and for some majors, require) you have personal access to a device or combination of devices that enable you to:

  • Communicate and take notes
  • Participate in virtual sessions
  • Temporarily store files offline until they can be added to Google Drive cloud storage
  • Use multiple applications simultaneously

Minimum requirements for PC and Mac laptops are specified below. You should also review your school- or department-specific tech requirements to ensure you know exactly what is required. Graduate and professional students, please check with your school or program for technology needs.

Minimum Laptop Requirements

PC Laptops

  • Camera and microphone
  • Currently supported Microsoft operating system
  • 16gig of RAM or higher
  • 512gig hard drive or higher
  • Intel Core i5-1235U processor or higher
  • Antivirus software

Mac Laptops

  • Camera and microphone
  • Currently supported Apple operating system
  • 16gig of RAM or higher
  • 512gig hard drive or higher
  • M3 chip or higher
  • Antivirus software

Please note – Chromebooks and iPads are not recommended as a student’s primary device as they do not meet all minimum requirements and do not work with some course technologies.

Digital Inking
If you are taking required core chemistry courses, you will need a device that can engage in digital inking, with a touch screen and stylus. For students taking math courses, a device that can engage in digital inking is recommended (but not required). There are many PC laptops that also offer digital inking features, or you may wish to have a separate additional device, such as an iPad and Apple pencil, for this purpose. 


School/Department Specific Tech Requirements

Please click below to review specific technology requirements for each school or major that differ from the specifications listed above.

Girard School of Business
Winston School of Ed. & Social Policy
School of Arts & Sciences
School of Eng. & Computational Sci.
School of Nursing & Health Sciences