Multi-Factor Authentication

Secure Your Account with Multi-Factor Authentication

Learn more about multi-factor authentication and how it can protect your identity. 

What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is used to ensure that digital users are who they say they are by requiring that they provide at least two pieces of evidence to prove their identity. To log in with Multi-factor Authentication enabled, you have to “prove” who you are with two pieces of evidence from different categories:

  • Knowledge – “something you know,” such as your password
  • Possession – “something you have,” such as your cell phone number
  • Inherence – “something you are,” such as a fingerprint or facial recognition

If one of the factors has been compromised by a hacker or unauthorized user, the chances of another factor also being compromised are low. Overall, MFA provides an extra level of security in preventing hackers from accessing systems and information.

Many may not realize it, but you are likely already using MFA when accessing online accounts for banking, credit cards and other services.

Why Are We Doing This?

Over 60% of security breaches today involve compromised usernames and passwords. Passwords are increasingly easy to compromise and can often be stolen, guessed or hacked — you might not even know someone is accessing your account. 

As part of the College’s overall commitment to defend against cyber security threats we are taking the next and most important step to improve security by enabling MFA, which is the number one security measure that will reduce the risk of stolen account credentials.

What is the Deadline?

Beginning on Wednesday, July 27, faculty and staff can start the MFA process.

This is an important action to take and the Office of Information Technology appreciates the commitment of the Merrimack community in this effort.

How Do I Complete the MFA Process?

The process is simple and won’t take longer than a few minutes. All faculty and staff will need to complete the MFA process through a one-time registration.

Registering for MFA at Merrimack:

  • Faculty and staff MFA will be managed using Microsoft’s Merrimack College page.  For more information and to access your personalized account page click here.
  • Our Microsoft process is fully integrated with Google and G-mail.  If you attempt to log in via Google you will be re-directed to the appropriate Merrimack College Microsoft page to avoid confusion.
  • The following applications use Single Sign On and will be protected with MFA: Academic Impressions, Apporto, Canvas, Handshake, iGrad, JAMF (internal IT), LinkedIn Learning, LiveWhale, Meraki (internal IT), myMack, Netfacilities, Questica, THD Adirondack (Res Life), Slate Advancement, Xfinity on Campus and Google (July 27, 2022).If you would like step-by-step instructions on how to set up MFA, how to update your authentication methods (after you have registered), and what you can expect your experience to look like moving forward, please visit our documentation:

Learn How to Register for MFA

Do I Need a Cell Phone to Complete the MFA Process?

In the event you forget your cell phone at home, you can also use a tablet to authenticate if you have it set up.  Learn how to set up your devices by visiting our information page.

What if I Need Help Setting Up MFA?

If you are having trouble setting up your MFA or if you have other questions, the Office of Information Technology Services is here to help! Please do not hesitate to reach out:

  • Phone: 978-837-3500, Monday-Thursday, 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
  • Email:
  • In-Person Visit: McQuade Library, First Floor, Monday-Thursday, 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.