Foundation Relations

Foundation Relations

As part of the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP), Foundation Relations builds strong partnerships with private and corporate foundations to grow Merrimack’s teaching, research, and community and civic engagement initiatives.

About Foundation Relations

We connect faculty and staff with a variety of funders and offer a wide range of support and resources for Merrimack faculty and administrators seeking external funding for their academic research and programs. We serve as the point of contact with private and corporate foundations, associations, societies, and other non-governmental organizations. We can:

  • Strategize, prioritize and coordinate foundation prospect research
  • Inform faculty and administrators of available opportunities and timelines
  • Review, revise and edit proposals, concept papers, and attachments prior to submission
  • Ensure timely grant submissions and reporting to funders
  • Coordinate site visits with foundation representatives

Grant Lifecycle

  1. Generate Ideas and Identify Collaborators

  2. Find Funding

    1. External Funding Resources
      1. Instrumentl
      2. Pivot
      3. Non-NIH Funding Opportunities
  3. Develop Proposal

    1. Inform OSP
      1. Intent to Propose Form
    2. Meet with the Team
    3. Draft Components of the Proposal – These will vary depending on the specific funder and OSP will provide guidance.
      1. Project Summary / Abstract
      2. Organization Background
      3. Narrative
        • Needs Statement
        • Project Description
        • Goals and Objectives
        • Evaluation Plan
        • Sustainability Plan
      4. Budget and Justification 
      5. Data Plan / Logic Model
      6. Scope of Work for Collaborators
      7. Letters of Support
      8. Strategic Plan
  4. Submit Proposal

    1. Obtain Approval
      1. Proposal Routing Form
  5. Award Set-Up

    1. Determine Roles and Responsibilities
      1. Project Initiation Meeting (PIM)
    2. Contact IRB
  6. Manage Award

    1. Monitor Progress
    2. Provide Financial Oversight
    3. Monitor Subawards
  7. Award Close-Out

    1. Submit Final Project and Financial Reports
    2. Disseminate Results and Publish