Promise Mission and Learning Goals

The mission of the Promise Program is to cultivate a community of care that provides students with guidance and tools that enhance opportunities for academic and personal success. We work to assist students in discovering their talents and developing them into strengths. Promise engages students in building connections with resources and opportunities that will empower them to develop their advocacy skills as they fully integrate into the Merrimack community.  Students in Promise establish a foundation that enables them to move through Merrimack and beyond with passion and purpose.

Promise Program Learning Goals

Through coaching, First Year Experience, interaction with peer leaders, and other opportunities, Promise students will:

  •  Make connections that will help you develop your own network of success, including 
    • success coaches, peer leaders, fellow students, FYE facilitators and mentors, and faculty within Promise;
    • co-curricular opportunities, academic support and wellness resources, faculty, and peers beyond Promise;
    • while maintaining connections with family, peers, educators, and your home community.
  • Navigate college, including             
    • understanding the academic landscape and expectations;
    • enhancing your ability to self-advocate for your success;
    • and exploring campus opportunities of interest.
  • Implement strategies to become a successful college  student, including
    • exploring degree and career opportunities;
    • applying your Clifton StrengthsFinder themes to your academic and co-curricular experience;
    • identifying and applying your learning preferences;
    • and exploring sources of motivation and effort, and how they connect to success in college.