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Tutoring and Math Center

Tutoring & Math Center at Merrimack

Gain numerical literacy and quantitative skills when you visit the Tutoring & Math Center.

Hours: Monday-Thursday 10am-9pm, Sunday 4pm-9pm

Location: McQuade Library, rooms 346-348


The Tutoring & Math Center is walk-in/drop-in only.  Visit to learn more, or just walk in!

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The Tutoring & Math Center provides a central location where you can collaborate with tutors and your peers to expand your learning opportunities in math and math-related subjects. The center is staffed with peer and professional tutors and provides resources for walk-in participation.

The Tutoring & Math Center offers in-person one-on-one and group consultations based on learning needs. Visit to see what tutoring is available, or just walk in!


Masking Policy

For the 2021-2022 academic year, we have placed decisions about masking in the hands of tutors and students. Your tutor may ask you to wear a mask, or you may ask your tutor to wear a mask. In either case, respectful compliance is a good way to keep everyone safe. Please bring your mask.

Faculty Recommendations

All math and statistics peer tutors need a recommendation from a faculty member. If you would like to join our staff, please have a professor who can speak about your mathematical knowledge and workplace skill and recommend you using the link below.

Faculty Recommendation Form