Career advising in the Girard School of Business is designed to offer specialized resources and support to help business students prepare for careers in whatever business area they’re interested in.

Career advisors in The Lucey Center for Business Advising partner with the O’Brien Center for Career Development to provide professional-development opportunities, resources, and advising to prepare business students for success in their career search. Students can use these resources to explore the many career paths that are available and make purposeful decisions about potential future careers:

Résumé and Cover Letters

Career Exploration

“The equation for getting your career of choice is simple: your interests, skills and values, plus the alignment of an employer’s desired skill set and cultural values and interests, equals fit.” – Stephanie K. Eberle, Stanford School of Medicine Career Center

  • Awato –  Use this self-assessment tool to pair your major and degree to a career that suits your interests and professional goals best.
  • What Can I Do With This Major? – Still trying to decide on a concentration or figuring out what career the one you’ve declared can lead you to? Use this tool to explore your options and to figure out how you can be a top candidate in a specific job pool.

Internship & Job Search

  • Handshake – Merrimack’s career networking site. Log-on to browse hundreds of jobs and internship listings from reputable employers.
  • LinkedIn Students – Packed with insights and tips from LinkedIn’s 400 million+ members, this series is designed to help students move into the professional world with confidence. Whether you’re in your senior year or a few semesters out, this series will give you the preparation you need to start your career.
  • City Internships – A global internship program that provides immersive career training opportunities for college students and recent graduates. 
  • GoinGlobal  – An international internship and job search tool. See more information below.
  •  – A free site that only publishes internships, with many opportunities in the greater Boston area.
  • – A free site for volunteer opportunities and nonprofit jobs and internships in organizations working to change the world. 
  • – A free site for job listings worldwide.

Professional Networking

  • LinkedIn – An online network of more than 30 million experienced professionals from around the world, representing over 150 industries.
  • Networking & career events – A list of events to attend to grow your professional network.


  • Be Yourself and Be Prepared! The best tool you bring to a job interview is comfort with yourself, not a set of scripted responses. 
  • Quinncia – Practice makes perfect. This mock interview tool helps you to practice your interview skills from the comfort of your home, apartment, or dorm. All that you need is a computer with a webcam, microphone, and internet access.
  • Research! Know as much as you can about a company prior to your interview. Access the employer directory on Handshake and connect with alumni through LinkedIn who are working at the company where you will be interviewing. The, and trade magazines are also an excellent source of up-to-date industry information.
  • Interview rubric – Download NACE’s Interview Rubric with helpful tips for preparing for your next interview. 
  • Thank you notes – Sending a thank you note can make the difference between getting the job offer or not. See this resource for guidance on timing, what to say, etc.

International Internship & Job Search

  • GoinGlobal – This site offers international career information on topics such as job search sources, work permit/visa regulations, resume writing guidelines, employment trends, salary ranges, networking groups, cultural/interviewing advice, and much more! Get expert advice for your international job search using 36 country specific guides and guides to 40 of the states in the US and 4 Canadian cities! Find international work opportunities using the worldwide jobs and internships database.

First time users, be sure to use your email address when you create your personal account for access to GoinGlobal from anywhere.

Registered users, click this link if you have already created a personal account on GoinGlobal.