A year-by-year advising roadmap for students in the Girard School of Business.

Freshman Year

  • Get to know your academic and career advisors and the services offered by the Lucey Center for Business Advising. Schedule an appointment with your advisor in Handshake.
  • Use one of our templates to assist you with creating your resume (template 1 or template 2). Then, schedule an appointment with your career advisor to have it reviewed and to talk about next steps.
  • Let us help you develop an understanding of your skills, abilities, and strengths for academic and career achievement. Try the Awato self-assessment.
  • Research various career paths through websites like My Next MoveCareers in Business, and Job Shadow

Sophomore Year

  • Work with your advisors to tailor your academics with career opportunities in mind.
  • Expand upon your professional knowledge and grow your network through a variety of career events
  • Confirm or declare your academic concentration and research career opportunities within your chosen academic area.
  • Develop a clear professional pathway, setting goals to achieve success through academic and experiential learning opportunities.

Junior Year

  • Purchase career/interview attire and practice proper interview etiquette and review tipswith your business career advisor.
  • Continue to enhance your professional network by participating in Girard School of Business career events and building connections on LinkedIn. Research networking tips to increase your effectiveness.
  • Transition academic knowledge into the workplace with experiential opportunities such as internships, co-ops, and practicums
  • Thinking a graduate degree may be the right step for you? Consider, research, and apply to Merrimack’s GRAD Advantage program.

Senior Year

  • Confirm with your academic advisor that you are on track to graduate.
  • Work with your business career advisor to develop a timeline and plan of action for your career launch.
  • Decided to pursue graduate school? Understand the application timeline and process for various graduate degrees.