Automated Vehicle A.I.

Automated Vehicle A.I.

Computer science majors built the brain of an automated car.

About the Project


As a senior capstone project, a group of three students worked with SeungJin Lim, Associate Professor, Computer Science to train the brain of an automated car. The vehicle was taught using machine learning and data mining techniques learned in Merrimack’s Data Mining course.

The vehicle learned to identify obstacles in the road, understand stop signs and follow the lines of the road. The car stops at stop signs, waits and then moves forward. The car can also follow the white lines of the road, turning with the curvature of the track.


Ares Canetti ’20, Computer Science 
Nicholas Kovalchik ’20, Computer Science
Andrew Walsh ’20, Computer Science 


SeungJin Lim, Associate Professor, Computer Science

Assignment Type

Senior Capstone Project

Languages/Code/Programs/Technology Used
  • The brain was written in the Python programming language
  • Dr. Lim built the car using an Arduino circuit board

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