D&D Roleplaying Group/Campaign Manager

D&D Roleplaying Group/Campaign Manager

Computer Science major built a website that acts as a group manager for tabletop role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons (D&D).

About the Project


In his web development class, Max Kiniklis built a website that allows role-playing game players to look for groups to play with.

Players and game masters can:

  • Set up games
  • Set various parameters of the games
    • Parameters include number of players, game systems used, themes, etc.
  • Look for a group to play with that fits with their specific preferences.

Additionally, the website is heavily themed with fantasy trappings.


Max Kiniklis ’20, Computer Science 


Christopher Stuetzle, Associate Professor and Department Chair, Computer Science

Assignment Type

Final Project in Web Development course

Languages/Code/Programs/Technology Used
  • JavaScript and its various modules (NodeJS)
  • PHP for server-side programming, along with several templates