Square Swords 3D Fighting Game

Square Swords 3D Fighting Game

Computer science major developed prototype for 3D fighting game.

About the Project


This game prototype was developed by Alex Deacon as part of a semester-long independent project advised by Prof. Stuetzle. The game was developed in the Unreal Game Engine, the premiere industry tool for game development.

This prototype is a 3D fighting game in which characters are made of small blocks called voxels. When a character is hit, part of their body’s blocks are blown away, making them less agile. Characters are also attached to their weapons, which move independently of the characters themselves. Players control both the character models themselves, and the weapons, which always maintain a sustained distance from the character model, but it can spin and attack on its own.

The game prototype was developed using modern game development best practices. As part of the development process, Alex analyzed the fundamental ideas of “play” and “fun” to develop a prototype that takes the user experience into account as much as possible.


Alex Deacon ’16,  Computer Science


Christopher Stuetzle, Associate Professor and Department Chair, Computer Science

Assignment Type

Independent study project

Languages/Code/Programs/Technology Used
  • Unreal Engine game engine using C++ and Visual Studio
  • Blender for object modeling

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