The Honors Journey

The Honors Journey

Merrimack College’s Honors Program offers our students a four year journey where they can perfect their workplace skills by designing their own pathway. 

Inspired by Augustine’s philosophy of teaching and learning, the program is dedicated to active learning in community with others leading to transformative experiences.

The Four Trajectories

Travel/Study Abroad

Learn by traveling and immersing yourself fully into other cultures and understanding. Your experience may include studying abroad in Wroxton, England, for a semester or a 6-week study abroad in Rome, Italy. Soak up all the tutelage you can while earning credits towards your degree.

Leadership Development

Serve as an Honors society committee chair, peer mentor or ambassador, be paired up with an alumni mentor, and attend the alumni Honors networking events Merrimack holds in New York City or Washington, D.C. your senior year.

Research/Academic Pedigree

Be one of the students to participate in a directed study on your own independent research goals, serve as a peer mentor for other students, attend academic conferences with our faculty members, and choose to serve as either a teaching assistant or research lab assistant your senior year. 

Community Engagement & Service

Merrimack Honors imparts the skills needed for true leadership. Through opportunities ranging from topics in classroom discussions, to the Honors Student Council, to our emphasis on educating the whole person, we strive to prepare students for when they will no longer be students, in whatever their chosen field and way of life.

You can pick a new trajectory every year, or stay with one consistent trajectory across your four years.

Travel/Study Abroad
Learn by doing and seeing first hand the architecture that was built by the Romans, or the energy in Wroxton, England, that inspired great writers like Shakespeare. Let the world be your lecture hall.
Leadership Development
Strengthen your leadership skill set with positions meant to challenge you across Merrimack's campus. Then, put your leadership skills on display at Merrimack's networking events in New York City and Washington, D.C.
Research/Academic Pedigree
Let the rigorous course selection of the Honors Program guide you towards specialized research with our faculty members. Become a teaching assistant or research laboratory assistant your senior year.
Community Engagement & Service
Engross yourself within the local community with the desire for change and hunger for leading. Find your passion within helping others, while also growing your own skills.

Honors Pedagogy

The Honors Program at Merrimack College offer students access to exclusive learning experiences, such as:

  • Honors Research Seminar: Honors students at Merrimack who major in Education will have the opportunity to pursue a specialized research project prior to the Practicum in senior year. 
  • Honors News Internship: This one credit course is an opportunity for Honors students to work on an award-winning newsletter alongside Honors faculty and editors. 


View of the church steeple.

RTS1947H - Saints, Sinners + the Sacred

Humans have a long and complex history with what is often called "the sacred," "the divine," "the holy," or God.

Photo of two students in scrubs and goggles working in a biology lab classroom.

CRM3600H - Drugs and Society

This course examines the use and control of mind-altering and medicinal substances in the U.S. and abroad.

Policewoman speaks to police cadets in lecture hall;  or policewoman gives safety presentation to local community.

CRM4500H - Statistics in Criminology

This course introduces students to descriptive and inferential statistics in criminology & criminal justice.

Photographs of Crowe Hall and new spaces for Merrimack College web site and publications.

MGT1150H - Technology Skills for Business

This course will get students ready for a career in business by teaching them how to properly use some of the most popular software in industry.

Business class picture taken in studio.

CRM3900H - Incarceration

This course looks at prisons, jails, & alternative-to-incarceration programs in terms of daily life, operations, hierarchies, & institutions.

Advice to first-year students from a senior

WGS3300H - US Women's History

An examination of the history of women in America. It will include history prior to colonization, beyond and to the present.

Scholarship Opportunities

Merrimack College’s Honors Program Faculty are happy to guide our students towards several different scholarship and fellowship opportunities for post-graduation:

  • Truman Scholarship: The Harry S. Truman Scholarship is an opportunity for undergraduate students interested in pursuing public service as graduate students to receive mentorship, programming, and funds to pursue the graduate school of their choice.
  • Fulbright Program: The Fulbright Program offers multiple opportunities for students to pursue research and/or teaching focused projects.
  • Rhodes Scholarship: The Rhodes Scholarship is a chance for students to study at the University of Oxford with full funding. 
  • Goldwater Scholarship: The Barry Goldwater Scholarship candidates are college sophomores or juniors who intend to pursue research in life sciences, engineering and mathematics.

For more information or to learn more about the application process, please contact your Honors Program Faculty Advisor.