A Valuable Resource

Every incoming first-year honors student has the opportunity to be matched with an Honors mentor.

How can a mentor help me?

You’ll meet throughout the school year with your mentors, both in small groups and one-on-one. Mentors are a valuable resource and guide you in your academics and help you acclimate to the Honors program and your transition to college.

How do I select a mentor?

We’ve provided a list of available mentors below for you to review. Please take a moment to check out all of the mentors and make a selection based on the mentor qualities and activities that match you best. When you are ready, you may select your mentor online.

Select Your Peer Mentor

Will I be matched with my first choice?

Mentor matches are made on a first-come, first-served basis. Your first, second and third choice for mentors must be a different person.

As we do our best with mentor matches, depending on the distribution of choices you may not be matched with a mentor of your choice.

When is the deadline to choose my mentor?

Peer mentor selections must be completed by Friday, June 28, 2019.

Participation in the mentoring program is an Honors Program expectation. After this time, you should expect to receive an email from your mentor shortly.


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Meet this Year’s Mentors

Feel free to take a look at the mentor bios and learn about our upperclassmen mentors. If you have any questions or just want to talk to a mentor, send them an email.

2019-20 Honors Peer Mentors

Name Major Year
Alexa Tejeda Exercise Science 2022
Allison Beauchesne Public Health 2021
Brian Bixby Business Administration: Corporate Finance and Investments 2021
Bridget Shanahan Biology - Minor: Business Administration 2022
Elizabeth Kashian Athletic Training: Exercise Science 2022

Jacob Beaudoin

Human Development & Psychology -Minor: Education 2021 
Jessica Agolli Business Administration: Corporate Finance & Investments 2022
Jessica Van Heynigen Nursing 2022
Joseph LeDuc Electrical Engineering - Minor: Mathematics 2022
Kaylee Pliszka Business Administration: Sports Management 2022
Kelli Dovi Biology - Minor: Chemistry 2021
Krista Brown Pre-med Biochemistry- Minor: Spanish 2022
Luke Groder Civil Engineering 2022
Madeline McDonough Secondary Education & English - Minor: Communication & Media  2022
Meghan Smith English & Creative Writing 2022
Molly McKean Business Administration: Finance & Accounting 2021
Nicole Dahlgren Business Administration: Marketing - Minor: English 2021
Olivia Beauchesne Human Development & Human Services - Minor Education & Psychology 2021
Samantha Frey Psychology & Social Justice - Minor: Women’s and Gender Studies 2021

Sarah Lombardi

Athletic Training 2022

Shai Bigelow

Psychology & Criminology 2021

Tess Collins

Education & Social Policy 2022


Select Your Peer Mentor