Student Profiles

Meet The Honors Students

Hear from some of Merrimack College’s Honors students and learn how the Honors Program has equipped them with valuable professional and educational experience.

Honors Students

B.S., Chemistry, 2026

“In the middle of my crazy campus life, where every hour is packed with stuff, there’s this awesome spot that means a lot to me – the Honors Commons. Even with my super busy schedule, every time I catch a break, I make a beeline for it. The Honors Commons is like a magic place that always has just what I need. Whether I want a quiet spot to study, a hangout with friends, or a safe space to chat with advisors about my worries, it’s got me covered. Plus, it’s handy for printing stuff and working with faculty members on projects during their office hours.”

B.S., Neuroscience and Psychology, 2026

The Honors LLC has allowed me to meet people who are also in the program and that are in my classes. It is really nice your first semester to live and be in classes with similar people it helps you make friends.”

B.S., Political Science, 2025

I love the sense of community and motivation there is in the Honors Program. Everyone I have met is a driven and passionate student, and we all build each other up to achieve our goals and strive to be the best versions of ourselves.”

B.A., History and Secondary Education, 2027

“The Honors Program groups have definitely enhanced my experience at Merrimack College. Having Honors classes with people who think similarly to me is a great advantage in terms of academics. Socially, the Honors Program has given me a chance to make new friends whether it be at events or even in the resident halls being a part of the LLC. Overall, Honors is a great community.”

B.S., Criminology and Criminal Justice, 2026

“My journey through Merrimack has intertwined with the Honors Program through various events, since my start here I have had the ability to make friends through honors as well as made my transition into college so easy.”

B.A., Biology, and B.S., Criminology & Criminal Justice, 2026

“Throughout my time at Merrimack, the Honors Program has been like a guiding thread woven into my academic journey. The Honors living learning community has been a lifesaver during my transition into college. Sharing with other honors students has made it easy to make friends and find support academically and socially. Plus, having access to resources and events right where I live has been super convenient.”

B.S., Mechanical Engineering, 2026

“What I love most about the Honors Program is how judgment free everyone in the program is. The Honors Program gives everyone a space to connect and be themselves without ever getting looked at differently. The Honors Program is a blend of many different people and groups across campus, but everyone is a part of the Honors Program.”

B.S., Nutritional Sciences, 2025

“The Honors Program has enhanced my experience at Merrimack in many ways. With so many involvements embedded within Honors, it is extremely easy to get involved and meet people from the start of your career at Merrimack. Academically, the Honors Program provides support, makes requirements clear as soon as possible, and provides amazing professors to support you in your other endeavors. Additionally, the priority class registration made the biggest difference when it came time to choose classes.”

B.S., Biology, 2025

“The Merrimack Honors Program has been a huge foundation for my success here at Merrimack. Immediately upon arrival as freshman the honors program helps you connect with friends, clubs, sports or whatever it may be. Academically, the honors program supports honors classes which are filled with students who have similar mindsets and goals which allow the courses to be faster paced and more intriguing in my opinion.”

Communication and Media, Class of 2024

“It was the Honors Program, with all its benefits and resources, that sold me on Merrimack College. The program is so extensive compared to ones I saw at other colleges. Dr. Cavallaro, Dr. McWhorter, and Shannon Beard have been such a wonderful support system for me.”