Visual & Performing Arts

Creative Arts Living Community

A Living Community Celebrating the Creative Arts

The Creative Arts Living Community is a vibrant, artistic community that includes students, faculty and community professionals.

Compilation of Visual and Performing Arts organizations including art, theatre and jazz musicians

Whether you are interested in art history, design, music, theatre, studio arts, or creative writing, you’ll have the space to create, connect and contribute to our creative community. Open to all students interested in the creative arts. You’ll explore your own creativity and participate in a variety of artistic experiences. You’ll join creative groups and engage in classes and events designed to enrich your creativity.

Creative Arts Affinity Living Community:
Why Join Us?

The most important aspect of the CA LLC is having the opportunity to associate with other creative people, share ideas and make work together. The Arts are a vibrant part of Merrimack College and living with other creative people will enrich your daily life and the entire campus community.

Creative Opportunities

As a part of our creative community, you can choose one or more of the opportunities listed below:

In the Classroom

You may have similar or different majors or minors, but everyone will love the Arts. During your four years at Merrimack, you’ll take one of two courses:

1. VPA 1110 - Introduction to the Visual and Performing Arts

The class will introduce you to a number of concepts, including:

  • The history, breadth and contemporary relevance of the visual, performing and the creative arts
  • The interconnectivity of multiple media and artistic movements
  • How the visual and performing arts can influence and inform other academic areas of study not normally associated with the fine and applied arts
2. ENG 2150: Introduction to Creative Writing

In this class, you will learn to:

  • Observe and experience the world as writers
  • Identify and discuss the conventions of the main creative genres (fiction, poetry, memoir)
  • Read literature as writers
  • Activate your senses and master the foundation of all good writing: the concrete detail

Contact Us

Nancy Wynn, Associate Professor
Chair, Department of Visual and Performing Arts