Art Galleries

Art Galleries at Merrimack College

Explore a wide range of visual arts exhibits and collections through the Rogers Center for the Arts, home to the McCoy Gallery and Thagaste Gallery, and through the Merrimack College Art Collection exhibited throughout campus.

McCoy Gallery

The McCoy Gallery hosts several exhibits each year and serves as an on-campus showcase for professional artists practicing in a wide range of styles. Each fall and at the end of each academic year, we open the gallery to our student artists for a group show.

Thagaste Gallery

The Thagaste Gallery hosts several exhibits each year and is a place where artists from the Greater Merrimack Valley and its neighbors, as well as student and faculty artists, can share their talents, dreams and ideas of beauty.

The Merrimack College Art Collection

Contemporary 2D and 3D works make up the Merrimack College Art Collection which is exhibited throughout campus in offices and strategic locations such as the McQuade Library. The collection includes works bought or donated by professional artists who have exhibited throughout the history of the McCoy Gallery. The collection continues to grow and will be part of the College’s living archive.


In addition to giving students the opportunity to engage with professional quality work, the McCoy Gallery also offers student internships. You can learn how to research and interact with artists, curate an exhibition and manage a professional art gallery. The Art Collection offers an annual internship to help maintain the collection, curate exhibitions and learn various skills for arts management.