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Senior Capstone Projects 2023

2023 VPA Senior Capstone Projects

Seniors in Merrimack’s visual and perfoming arts programs share this year’s capstone projects. This is our fourth year sharing these projects on our website. See last year’s projects.

What is a senior capstone project?

Senior capstone projects take place in the senior year of study. They are designed to explore a passion with intensity, take the shape of a large experiential project, or complete a research topic written thesis. Projects are designed to challenge and upend your comfort zone. They are publicly celebrated through performance, exhibition, publication, and oral presentation.

VPA Senior Capstone Projects 2023

Nicholas J. Andriotakis - Graphic Design

The Honest Snake Oil Salesman: Cartoon Pilot

I wrote, animated, and produced a television pilot for a potential cartoon.

Dani Castino - Graphic Design

Rebuild: A Sustainable Architecture Magazine

REBUILD is a sustainable architecture magazine that highlights climate change's impacts on natural disasters.

Isabella Collins - Graphic Design

Self-Guided Museum Activities

A series of self-guided museum activities and tours to help young children critically engage with art around them.

Jeff Converse - Graphic Design

Visual Brand Design: NOVA Group and Its Subsidiaries

Brand identities are the cornerstone of appealing to consumers. My capstone focused on design for a fictional conglomerate with three subsidiary companies.

Robert Fernandes - Music

Heavy Metal: Why?

The purpose of this project is to answer the question of “Why?” Why is Heavy Metal a thing? Why do people enjoy it?

Jenna Gordon - Art & Art History, Psychology

Chloe's New Sister

I wrote and illustrated a children’s book “Chloe’s New Sister.” Chloe is suddenly introduced to her new younger sister, Daisy, though Chloe is not very excited about this new member of the family, and struggles to get along with her.

Sahana Gorur - Graphic Design

Kandana Kavyamale: A Collection Of Children’s Poems

This collection of children’s poems by Dr. G.P. Rajaratnam is a bilingual book designed to help you read and enjoy his poems.

Michael Gravante - Theatre Arts

Directing “Circle Mirror Transformation”

I directed a production of Circle Mirror Transformation by Annie Baker, where five strangers open up for growth in a community center acting class.

Allison Hamel - Art & Art History

Holy Punk: A Podcast

Holy Punk is a podcast all about the punk aesthetic. In each episode, I discuss punk music, fashion, design, and politics.

Josh Heath - Theatre Arts

Technical Direction of The Wolves by Sarah DeLappe

During the Fall semester’s production of The Wolves, Josh was responsible for the technical elements designed by Scenic Designer Rachel Rose-Burke.

Mary Landers - Graphic Design

Coffee Cocktails

Coffee Cocktails is a coffee shop inspired by the atmosphere of cocktail parties, elements, and ideals of the Roaring 1920s.

Nicole Martin - Art & Art History

Clothing of Our Future

An installation made entirely out of clothing. The “bodies” represent what our future will hold if we do nothing to prevent climate change.

Charlie McGarigle - Graphic Design

Green Townsend Environmental Campaign

This campaign is focused on encouraging others to appreciate the town of Townsend, Massachusetts and its natural lands (forests, lakes, trails, etc.)

Joshua Mendonça - Music


My project is meant to be a way of expressing the transition I made from happiness, to difficulty, to acceptance of myself in elementary, middle, and high school.

Elise Persicketti - Music

Unit 1: Note Names to The Circle of Fifths

Lesson plans for elementary students with engaging musical activities and an original song.

Annie Santerre - Music

Memories are Just Pictures

Memories are Just Pictures is a concept album playing with the idea of capturing moments in time through song.

Lily Seremet - Graphic Design and Art & Art History Major

Fading Away: The Endangerment of the Amur Leopard

An exhibition of multi-media art pieces of the Amur Leopard, focused on the importance and effects of animal endangerment.

Kyle Sweeney - Industrial Design


FeatBeats are a pair of instrumental shoes that have electronics built into each shoe that allow you to connect and play music through the footwear.

Em Wood - Theatre Arts

The Curtain Call Chronicles: A Documentary

A documentary highlighting the sheer ingenuity and will power that goes into putting on a theatrical production.

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