Outside Scholarships

Helpful Scholarship Links

Explore the following links for outside scholarships and websites that may assist you in your search for scholarships.

Outside scholarships are an additional resource students may use to help offset direct costs, or to help pay for indirect costs such as books or personal expenses. We recommend that students begin their outside scholarship process during their senior year, alongside or shortly after you apply for admission. Many outside scholarship opportunities require an application, and in some cases an essay, in order to be considered. It is important that you carefully read the requirements for each scholarship you are interested in, along with the application deadline, so that you don’t miss out on these opportunities!

Below you will find a starting point for outside scholarships. Be sure to contact your high school guidance counselor to see if additional opportunities exist at your school.  Consider community organizations that you are already a part of, employers of you or your parents, and local businesses.

If you receive an outside scholarship, you must report this amount to the Office of Financial aid, as it is considered a a part of your financial aid package. Receipt of outside scholarships may affect the aid package. 

Outside awards are first used to meet financial need not already met by the aid package. If a student’s financial need has been met, the outside scholarship may affect his/her eligibility for a subsidized loan.