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How Can I Apply for a Health Sciences Graduate Fellowship?

Cut your tuition, enhance your training and launch your health sciences career with one of Merrimack’s unique fellowships.

“Two things stood out to me about Merrimack’s health science master’s degree programs,” says Kara Lavertu. “One, you can complete the degree in less than a year. That was really important because I couldn’t afford to put my life on hold while I did my graduate work.” “But the biggest factor for me,” she says, “was the graduate fellowship program. That’s what made it truly affordable for me to pursue a master’s degree in the health sciences.” Offered exclusively by Merrimack, the Health Sciences Provost Fellowships provide a unique package of educational and professional benefits. If you’re chosen for one of these competitive fellowships, you can earn a health sciences master’s degree while:
  • Receiving a 50 percent tuition discount
  • Getting 15 hours per week of supervised workplace experience
  • Graduating in 9 months on a convenient, accelerated course schedule
“These are one-of-a-kind health science fellowships,” says Lindsey Carbone, assistant dean of graduate programs at Merrimack’s School of Health Sciences. “They’re an incredible bridge to professional life. The students gain hands-on experience, build one-on-one mentoring relationships and really develop their skills.” Provost Fellowships are available in two health science master’s programs (MS in Exercise and Sport Science and MS in Health Promotion and Management). Merrimack health science graduate fellows get placed in leading health science institutions throughout Greater Boston, gaining opportunities to work with high-profile researchers and practitioners. “It’s great for your resume,” Carbone says. “And a fellowship gives you a ton of confidence heading into the workforce.”

Health Science Fellowships Bring Extraordinary Professional Benefits

Kara Lavertu’s health sciences fellowship had an extremely positive effect on her career.

“The job market is so competitive,” says Lavertu, who got a job in neurological wellness immediately after completing her Master’s in Exercise and Sport Science in 2019. “You need a master’s degree for almost any health science career, and the fellowship helped me stand out even more when I went in to interview. They saw me as serious, and they could tell I knew what I was talking about.”

“The students come out of the fellowship really well prepared,” notes Kate-Marie Roycroft, director of government affairs and social responsibility for the Massachusetts Alliance of YMCAs. Roycroft has supervised about half a dozen health sciences fellows from Merrimack, and she gets them involved in significant projects.

“We challenge our graduate fellows,” Roycroft says. “They work with local officials. They talk to state legislators. They interact with YMCA branches all over the state. They work on grants. They come away from the fellowship with a lot of health policy knowledge, a wide network of contacts, and the skills they need for many different careers in the health sciences.”

Roycroft says all of her health science fellows have gone on to government and nonprofit jobs in public health, health policy and other health science niches. She served as a professional reference for most of them, and they’ve kept in touch with her after joining the workforce.

“If you really commit to the fellowship—if you treat it like a job—it’s a tremendous opportunity,” says Roycroft.

Fellowships Often Lead Directly to Health Science Jobs

Health science graduate fellows work in many different types of venues, including hospitals, schools, nonprofit, and government agencies. Merrimack’s fellowship partners include well-known organizations such as the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging, Lawrence General Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital. In addition, health science graduate students can opt for research fellowships under the supervision of Merrimack faculty.

Here’s a brief list of Merrimack College’s recent health science fellows, with descriptions of the type of experience each fellow received:

  • Kara Lavertu (MS in Exercise and Sports Science): Performed reliability testing on VO2 max fitness monitoring devices.
  • Patrick Allen and Anthony Lupi (MS in Health and Wellness Management): Designed and implemented MACKfit, a workplace wellness program for Merrimack employees.
  • Allie LaMonica (MS in Health and Wellness Management): Conducted research and gathered documentation in support of community integrated health grant for Alliance of Massachusetts YMCAs.
  • Will Franco (MS in Exercise and Sport Science): Served as an assistant strength and conditioning coach for multiple varsity athletic teams at Merrimack.
  • Danielle Murray (MS in Health and Wellness Management): Designed and implemented a health needs assessment for the Andover (MA) Public Health Department.
  • Victoria Holland (MS in Health and Wellness Management): Redesigned Campus Kitchens, a hunger-relief program in the City of Lawrence.
  • Tara Daly (MS in Community Health Education): Assisted Merrimack professor Juliana Cohen in public health research related to school lunch nutrition.
  • Stephen Ribero (MS in Exercise and Sport Science): Worked with Merrimack’s hockey team to implement and test GPS-based heart-monitoring technology. Also conducted reaction-time tests using force-plate technology, and used 3D printing technology to manufacture prosthetic hands and limbs.

“[Students] come away from the fellowship with a lot of health policy knowledge, a wide network of contacts and the skills they need for many different careers in the health sciences.”

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