David Jarrett Andrighetti '21

Graphic Design Major

Hamel Health Revitalized

Designed and mocked up Supergraphics to be applied to the Hamel Health & Counseling Center building to promote the space.

Currently, mental health concerns have risen on college campuses. Studies indicate that 40 million United States citizens suffer from anxiety alone, with 75% struggling from age 22. However, it is not just anxiety that college students suffer from. Other studies indicate that many students suffer from depression. It is important to note that many of these college students are afraid of a perceived stigma in relation to mental illness, so unfortunately they do not get the help they need. Another argument students tend to make is that the help is offered off campus, as a paid service, and it is difficult to afford.

My project is in partnership with Hamel Health and Counseling and the President’s Office. Hamel Health is where students can go for their mental health concerns. However, right now many students believe the current building design is not professional, nor welcoming. It is currently a box trailer with an unappealing color scheme. This design doesn’t visually emanate a friendly place to visit. For my capstone project, I designed an environmental graphic, or supergraphic, for Hamel Health Center. I made the design of the graphic using elements from the Merrimack College logo. I wished to use some of the college branding, but enhanced it by creating a strong design for all students to see. I hope it will invite students and visit the space.

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