Anna Perrotti

Anna Perrotti ’23

Athletic Training 3+2 Program
Personal Trainer
Merrimack Campus Fitness & Recreation

Accelerated 3+2 Athletic Training Program Gives Student Competitive Advantage

Anna Perrotti is a current graduate student at Merrimack, studying in the accelerated 3+2 athletic training program. Anna graduated in May 2023 with her bachelor of science degree, and her program led her straight into her master’s degree. During this time, Anna will work in a clinical rotation for the semester where she will gain first-hand experience in her field. When asked what advice Anna would give to a fellow student, she had a few tips. “Be a sponge, be willing to learn always and have a thirst for knowledge. Be open to new ideas and open to growth and development.”

Anna came to Merrimack with a passion for athletic training. Now after finishing her bachelors degree and working towards her master’s degree, Anna believes that the program “provided me with a smooth transition between my undergraduate education and my graduate education as the 3+2 is an accelerated program.” She selected Merrimack as her school of choice because of the community atmosphere on campus. “I loved the community feel on the Merrimack campus; everyone was very welcoming and the campus is beautiful. They also had the exact program I was looking for!”

Merrimack has given me a great skill set as a clinician to be able to provide the best possible care to my patients and clients.”

Perrotti currently works as a personal trainer at the Merrimack College campus fitness recreation center, where she sees clients throughout the week. Anna creates an exercise plan specific to their goals after having discussions about their background, current habits, and injury history. She walks each client through their session, demonstrating how to use the equipment and supervising to make sure it’s being used safely.

In addition to spending time working in the campus fitness center, Anna was also part of the Honors Program at Merrimack and was part of the athletic training club.