Lauryn Mattiucci

Lauryn Mattiucci

Exercise Science, Class of 2024

As a current senior, Lauryn has gained a tremendous amount of experience in the field of exercise science. Between her undergraduate education and her internship, Lauryn has been exposed to many aspects of the exercise science field in a short time at Merrimack. Her internship was held within the Merrimack College Strength and Conditioning team in Athletics. “Throughout my time as an intern with Merrimack College Strength and Conditioning, I have been able to work with numerous Division 1 NCAA sports teams, including football, field hockey, track & field (throwers), softball, men’s ice hockey, and rowing. I was tasked with leading warmups, assisting in setup and instructing breakdown, cleaning equipment, attending weekly Monday and Friday meetings, and sometimes participating in the full staff meetings. My projects consisted of a cover letter, resume, needs analysis, and a 3-phase training program for Women’s College Soccer.”

Taking so many major-specific courses has made it easy for me to apply the educational skills in a practical setting.”

When asked about the skills Lauryn acquired during her time as an intern, she had many to note, including gaining confidence within the exercise science field. “I gained a lot of confidence from this internship.  I was often placed in positions that were pressure-filled and required a lot of thinking on my own. I would have to act quickly on my feet and find the most ideal way to manage things with the space given. Through this, I was able to see how capable I really am.”

“This internship has prepared me for future professional work because I was able to work with people pretty close in age to me who had recently been through their first real entrance into the professional world.  They were able to guide me through the creation of things like a cover letter and a resume. Experience in the field was able to allow me to make mistakes and learn from them on the spot.”